While very little, yet still noticeable, information is known on these two individuals, both "Burginator" and "Brosef" are vital in understanding Aki and the current lifestyle the three currently live in. Both "Burginator" and "Brosef" are jokingly called Alex and Ash, based off of their actual names.

*Important Update*



Basic Information

The first one, "Burginator", is the one which Aki had the easiest time with.  He was always cooperative and willing to do as she asks.  Though ridiculous sometimes, the big and bulky look with the accurate-looking clothing he has and love for a good burger led Aki to call him "Burginator", after the Terminator movies.  Though criticizing her on wearing a suit constantly, he gets the same for always wearing a leather jacket.  As far as Aki knows, "Burginator" would rather trust her as a driver as she would trust him as a pilot.  The only complaint she has about "Burginator" is that she claims he used to drink too much, and finds it disconcerning, although she does smoke herself.  They both used to be in a relationship, which had ended right before Christmas. The real name "Burginator" seems to have is Ashton, but is referred to as Ash.

The second one, "Brosef", Aki tends to complain about.  Cracking jokes about him to Simon on the account of foolishness. "Brosef" is good at his job, whatever he is said to do is unknown, and seems to know his way around the business which he and "Burginator" would pursue.  "Brosef" supposedly was the one who had taken Aki "under his wing" in how American crime was committed.  An aspect of "Brosef" she has learned to respect, not only from helping her on the way of things, is that he easily boosts morale and persists in the current job, a person who isn't a quitter, and finds that annoyingly admirable.  Despite both he and "Burginator" are well at flying, "Brosef" seems to prefer the enjoyment of flying in general if not just a helicopter during important instances such as hired jobs. Both Aki and "Burginator" believe "Brosef" is schizophrenic due to his awkward remarks of Nate. The real name "Brosef" seems to have is Alexander, but is referred to as Alex.

Contrary to the information above, Aki and Nate both agree that Alex and Ashton are to be avoided and to be considered undesirable individuals. Despite that they are all still friends, most activities they pursue do not involve Alex and Ashton.

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