Though this mystery person has risen out of from the fog and into the Significant Character's stories, they play a surprisingly large role in uncovering info through crowd-concealed espionage.  Spying on each one of the characters in their civilian life and revealing secrets best untold to the character that would most benefit from knowing the secret.  The secret is told through a message (i.e. letter, e-mail, IM, text, note, etc.) left at a conveniently noticable spot to the Significant Character. Although, no Significant Character knows where said note came from.

Basic Information

Not much is known of the character rather than what they do, not even their motive is clear to anyone.  The only link made of Mr. Nobody is how he gathers his information.  The Significant Characters have been more cautious since their arrival.  Mr. Nobody wears a heavy tenchcoat and a ski mask covered by a white scarf.  A black fedora with a white trim is worn over the ski mask.  Under the coat is a dress shirt and black tie both covered by a grey vest.  They also wear dark, black gloves that are cut in several locations.  Besides their look, nothing much is known of them.  One startling feature is the dark red eyes they have, much like what Isha is presumed to have.  Whether this is Mr. Nobody's natural eye color or a pair of colored contacts is unknown.  The most witnessed weapon that anyone has seen Mr. Nobody use is a custom Chiappa Rhino revolver.  Some have also supposedly witnessed them use a M249-SAW and a 1216 shotgun.

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