388 [KF] [RK] [TJ] [Bu]

[KF]: Thanks guys for being here with me.

[TJ]: I didn't really have anything better to do, your boyfriend is still an ass.

[Bu]: What an introduction, am I right?  Not like we can have anything else to do but more card games.

[KF]: I'm lightening the mood, ok?

[Bu]: Yeah yeah, whatever.  But why?

[KF]: Well, I have to attend to some medical things I'd rather not elaborate on and I trust you two will carry the mission while I go incognito back home.

[TJ]: You're not pregnant or anything, right?

[KF] sighs

[KF]: Don't go full retard.  Look, some one you both can trust will be my temporary replacement.  I have my reasons for as to why I asked this person.

[Bu]: Can you tell us who?

[KF]: Well I have to or you'll shoot her, it's Ren.

[TJ]: I'm down with that, she's hot.

[KF]: Right.

[Bu]: We do get along, there'll be no problem.

[KF]: Good, because I'm leaving right now.

[TJ]: What?

[KF]: Yep, thanks for understanding!

[KF] leaves

[TJ]: Son of a bitch.

[Bu]: Knowing the ninja, she's probably aready here.

[TJ]: Can't she hack too?

[Bu]: Yeah, pretty good at it too.

[TJ]: You get close to her at all?

[Bu]: Well we had to pose as a couple once to get closer to the floor plans of a mansion, it's a long story, but I had to think fast and kissed her.

[TJ]: Lucky.

[Bu]: What the fuck, man.  You don't want to get "friends with benefits" with her.  Nate did once and she killed him.

[TJ]: Yeah but isn't she a Buddhist or something?  "I only kill the absolute deserving" and whatnot?

[Bu]: Yeah, and Nate's involvement was two or so years ago.

[TJ]: I still think she's pretty hot.

[RK]: I appreciate the compliment, but love is like a meandering road down into Pripyat.

[Bu]: Hey, she didn't say no.

[TJ]: A man can dream, can't he?

[RK]: You two can be the music makers, and I can be the dreamer of dreams.

[TJ]: Whatever the fuck for.

[RK]: So, Mason, brief me on this.  At least, try to tell me something I don't know already.

[Bu]: That's a tall order.  Well, we're holding out here watching along the way if this whatever-this-place-is gets hit by these terror groups reported nearby.  Supposedly, the British SAS will provide assistance if requested.  We have a code word for this place because it's a name for a specific general area.

[TJ]: Mirage.

[Bu]: Yeah, that.  If you need to call in the SAS, you give the signal.

[RK]: "Call to Service, OpFor visual: Mirage".

[Bu]: What?

[TJ]: How?

[RK]: It's called signal tapping, you can hijack signals too.  Like for drones; drones have close to zero security measures.

[TJ]: Good to know...

[RK]: You've told me nothing new so far, so I should be more then prepared.

[TJ]: Why do you hack things like that.

[RK]: Because always I prioritize my options.

[TJ]: Well what if I just shoot you right here, huh?  Pull that sword and see what happens.

[RK]: No.

[TJ]: Why not, bud.

[RK]: I don't want to.

[TJ]: You can't defend yourself, then.

[RK]: I don't care.

[TJ]: You make no sense.

[RK]: Too bad.

[Bu]: Even if you could shoot her, she'd freeze time, freeze the bullet, or absorb it into her hand.

[TJ]: Excuse me?

[RK]: The mix of artificial enhancing human plasmids and being enlightened by The Gods.

[TJ]: You can believe what you want to but there ain't Gods up there.

[RK]: You can believe whatever you like, but only The Enlightened can know the truth.

[TJ]: Whatever girl, I ain't changing my mind about you.

[TJ] lights a cigarette

[RK]: Think all you wan't.  There'll be plenty of time to think when I meditate.  To wish on forgiveness for what I will do must be done.

[TJ]: Oh yeah?

[RK]: Murder once again.


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