887 [KF] [NH] and [AM]

[AM]: Squad set, location DK Op time 0 two hundred hours, take zero niner.  Roll call.

[NH]: Blitz set.

[KF]: IQ set.

[01]: Fuze set.

[02]: Capitão set.

[AM]: Thermite set, let's get this over with.

[02]: Let's go people.

[01]: Lower your voice.

[KF]: Do we know where the PC is?

[AM]: Negative.

[KF]: Cover me, I'll locate it.

[NH]: We'll just use this side door, I'll cover you.

[KF]: Halt, confirmed visual on a cardiac sensor.

[02]: Head up, let's use the roof.

[AM]: Solid copy.

[NH]: See anything?

[KF]: Yes, PC on the second floor train exhibit.  Also Welcome Mats and Signal Disruptors.

[AM]: Shit, Canada and England?

[01]: Anything on other three?

[KF]: Not yet.  I'm going in, Blitz on me.

[NH]: Not the window, down the stairs.

[01]: Quiet now, I hear footsteps.

[KF]: Quickly now, we only have a few minutes.

[AM]: Proceeding down northwest stairs, your call everyone.

[02]: Entry, third floor southwest window.

[01]: I'm on Thermite, I got the behind.

[AM]: Solid copy, we're on you Blitz.

[NH]: Entry through the roof trapdoor, to southwest stairs.

[KF]: Entry, third floor midwest window.

[NH]: That must be the room.  The left, 10 o'clock.

[AM]: Can we get a visual on gadgets suppressing the doorway?

[01]: Are there gadgets in the doorway?

[AM]: IQ, requesting visual on the gadgets in the exhibit room.

[NH]: Please answer.

[AM]: Capitão, do you any visual on IQ?

[NH]: Damnit.

[AM]: Capitão, IQ, do you copy?

[01]: They've gone dark.

[AM]: Blitz I understand the concern, do not break from the mission.

[NH]: I'm running up there.

[AM]: We're already making a lot of noise, let's get up there.

[01]: I cover from behind.

[NH]: No, no, no.

[AM]: I've got visual, Fuze help me out here.  Blitz, what are you doing?

[NH]: Where is she?  I don't see her.

[01]: We got this, do not die.

[AM]: Hostiles taking cover in the third floor freezer.

[NH]: Where are you, you're somewhere around here.

[AM]: One big fucking hole, coming right up.

[01]: Confirmed kills on 4 in all.  Two British, one Canadian, one American.

[NH]: There's a fifth one.

[AM]: Negative, no fifth confirmed kill.

[NH]: They took her.

[01]: Who.

[NH]: Whoever this fifth person is.

[AM]: Commando we have secured this area, after a thorough sweep, we'll relocate IQ and Capitão.

[NH]: I bet he took her with this fifth person.

[01]: Can you be so sure.

[NH]: It has to be.

[AM]: Situation is under control.

[NH]: No.

Cut End

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