888 [It's Over, For Now]

Let's Go, Come On - Manuel05:11

Let's Go, Come On - Manuel

First Stage [AY] [RK] [KF]

[AY]: Do you know why I invited you here?

[RK]: You saw my car.

[AY]: Y-yeah, that's right.

[RK]: And, you said invited. I chose to confront you, so if I may ask: which car?

[AY]: What?

[RK]: しているよ。(You know.)

[AY]: え。。英語を話すのが遅いよ。どんな車と言った?テスタローサだけ見たよ。(Wha...I'm slow at speaking English. Which car are you talking about? I only saw a Testarossa!)

[RK]: 峠には車で攻めた。(I've been attacking on the mountain pass with the car in question.)

[AY]: だまで!どんな車!(Shut up! Which car!)

[RK]: うずうず言っているね。八六だ。(You speak irritably. An Eight-Six.)

[AY]: 八六?! (An Eight-Six?!)

[RK]: 貴方。。。八六を買った。見えた。(You...bought an Eight-Six. I could see it.)

[AY]: 不可能だ!(Impossible!)

[KF]: Hey Nate, sorry I'm la-

[AY]: What?

[KF]: What? You two?

[RK]: Did you forget, I'm a hacker. With his phone number.

[KF]: Oh.

[KF] puts her face in her palm

[KF]: You're an asshole, how did I fall for that.

[RK]: Because you couldn't have known, have you.

[AY]: これ、終わらないよ!(This isn't over!)

[RK]: 糞、まだまだね。(Damn, not good enough huh.)

[KF]: At least speak English.

[AY]: Kari, would you know anything about cars?

[KF]: Depends.

[AY]: Manual trans...transmission? Manual cars.

[KF]: What are you getting at, huh? Why did you two even drag me here?

[RK]: She wants to race. A pride issue of hers.

[KF]: In what, her countless supercar collection? She'd easily outrun us and drift the corners roughly.

[AY]: You think I'm reckless?

[KF]: Is that the first thing you think of? Yes, I guess I do.

[AY]: And I bet you couldn't race for anything. I've got a P1, Haurya, GT40, Sesto Elemento, Huracan...

[RK]: I've found an Eight-Six.

[KF]: The Toyota one from a century ago?

[RK]: Yeah, that one.

[AY]: It's unfair!

[KF]: Don't you have one yourself? I'm sure you could buy one. Or steal one, but what's the difference.

[AY]: Yeah, but it's an AE86 Turbo. Not the same.

[RK]: And I've somehow acquired the Trueno, Sprinter Trueno.

[KF]: That is hard to get.

[AY]: I just found out about this too, and I just bought my AE86 Turbo too. Apparently that's why Ren here somehow has the classic Trueno.

[RK]: And you think it's about what car is the fastest, not anything else?

[AY]: It's about leaving your opponents in the dust!

[RK]: 突っ走りましょ。(Then let's race.)

[AY]: 一決よ!(Fine!)

[KF]: What's anyone saying?

[KF] sighs

[KF]: Am I going to be dragged into this, like always?

[RK]: Most likely.

[AY]: You're racing too!

[KF]: Verdammt...

[RK]: Aki, you're outnumbered two to one here. Reasonable versus unreasonable. Have three racers and one might crash. Violently.

[AY]: Ok, fine. Just us two. But she has to be there.

[KF]: Why?

[RK]: Yes, why?

[AY]: She hates us both, should be unbiased to the winner.

[RK]: Sometimes I wonder what Ashton sees in you other than the obvious.

[KF]: I'm leaving, and I don't want to be in your stupid Eight Six dogfight.

[AY]: Funny you got your hands on a Testarossa, Ren.

[RK]: Hmm?

[AY]: I got one too, just before you found one for yourself.

[RK]: Purely coincidence. Both of us a fan of a particular song, at that.

[AY]: Nothing more.

[RK]: Is that so.

[KF]: Mein gott, du bist nervig.



The Top - Ken Blast04:41

The Top - Ken Blast

Second Stage

[-]: You must not have known, I can keep up with you. It's not all about opulence, you know. The fastest cars can even be out-maneuvered.



Wheel Power & Go - Dejo & Bon05:12

Wheel Power & Go - Dejo & Bon

Third Stage

[-]: I'm gonna regret this.

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