1086 [J] and [AY]

[J]: Hey, you and that ninja ever coming back to Florida?

[AY]: You mean Anger?

[J]: Yeah, that tons-of-fun.

[AY]: I haven't forgotten you.

[J]: So, does that mean you two are coming back?

[AY]: It's kind of hard to forget somebody like you, you put Dallas to shame.

[J]: That greedy chump does it for the money, not the enjoyment.

[AY]: It's people like you and my friend that make alcohol seem undesireable.

[J]: How's it been with that dude?  You two done each other yet?

[AY]: Back to your question earlier-

[J]: Don't evade my question.

[AY]: I will, alright?

[J]: You two totally did, no need to answer it anymore.

[AY]: Whatever, but do remember that Halloween will be made to true horror.

[J]: Right, right.  Your name means autumn, right?

[AY]: Yeah, why?

[J]: I can see how this fits you well.

[AY]: Sure, tch.

[J]: It's been a few months since I broke you out of jail.

[AY]: I can't ever forget how Bain set me up, or how your simple appearance can somehow be so creepy.

[J]: It's not simple at all, I swear that most of the blood is washed out of it.  It is tinted red a little.

[AY]: Besides your effort in your voice and mask, it's lazy, not simple.

[J]: You look like you're too cute for your own good, so sexualizing.

[AY]: I didn't expect it wouldn't turn heads, it worked on him didn't it?

[J]: That's messed up.

[AY]: Says you!

[J]: You know it.

[AY]: Your felonies are like your trophies.

[J]: I'd say I'll improve what I have rather than earn more, some just don't apply to me.

[AY]: Like theft?

[J]: I do indeed steal, in a way.

[AY]: Lives and women, sounds like a wealthy lifestyle.

[J]: Compared to money and cars?  I'd say I'm worse.

[AY]: Arguing with you is like trying to pick a fight with you.

[J]: That you'll lose brutally and violently?

[AY]: Sure, whatever.

[J]: I'm getting another call, let's talk later.

[AY]: Lets.


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