Happy Halloween 2015!

1086 [AY] [Br] [Bu] and [NH]

[AY]: Dude, chill on that thing.

[Br]: You had the herbal suppliment, so I used it!

[AY]: No, you left it here from the last party.

[NH]: Speaking of, did I leave my snacks here from last time?

[AY]: I dunno, go check yourself.  Don't be shy, check the kitchen.

[NH]: Also, what were you doing this morning?

[AY]: Early celebration with some distant friends, I had Burginator fly me back.

[Bu]: What, you don't believe that?  I did.

[NH]: No, I do, sure.  I was just curious why you didn't pick up my calls.

[AY]: I was asleep on the plane or something, Burginator took a private jet or something.

[Br]: I let him use mine, no use just stealing a marked one or something.

[Bu]: I would think it'd be perfectly appropriate to celebrate during the "witching hour" on Halloween, wouldn't you?

[NH]: Good point, but in a few hours it is going to be November.

[Br]: At that time we should switch our music to Gorillaz' Demon Days.

[AY]: You're right Fox, but I can make worse puns than that, Brosef.  The music still sets at what it is.

[Br]: Whatever, I don't care.

[Bu]: Should we go on some haunted house attractions or something?

[AY]: I'm up for it, sure.  I already know what it's like to be the real antagonist in a horror movie and I assume everyone else here has too.

[Br]: Yup, we're horrible people.

[NH]: Don't say such things, we're very great people.  We're just not doing things morally.

[AY]: How about this, I'll teach you guys what I did earlier today and let's all go find some marks to try it out on, ok?

[Bu]: Sounds like fun, but do we need to wear some costume to it?

[AY]: Yes...

[NH]: No, I'm not wearing a costume to some dumb attraction.

[AY]: Oh, no.  Get in a suit or some coveralls and wear a freaky mask.  Don't forget to bring a knife and a silenced firearm too!

[NH]: That actually sounds interesting.

[Br]: Why bring a gun?

[AY]: In case the marks get wise and think they can shoot a slasher killer.

[NH]: That's what I was thinking...but could we do this later, maybe 10 or 11?

[AY]: Sure, got "family" to attend to first?

[NH]: It's a silly holiday, but it's still a holiday.

[Bu]: Do what you need to, man.


1086 [AY] [J] and [RK]

[J]: Are we ready to move on this?  I feel like a contrived slasher movie killer.

[AY]: That's the point, dummy.

[RK]: It's supposed to add some comic relief to our line of work.

[J]: Whatever reason, I hope it works for what it's worth.

[AY]: We just need to find the right people.

[J]: I think I could do it, I know how to find the right mark.

[RK]: Or me...but you know, whatever...

[AY]: Good, now what should we bring besides your dumb fucking knife?

[RK]: A silent gun.

[AY]: Why?

[J]: What? Why?  Why not loud?

[RK]: If your victim tries to shoot us, thinking we just have a knife, then we can kill them with a weapon that's as quiet environmentally as a knife is.

[AY]: So, a backup plan.

[RK]: Yes, exactly.

[J]: Smart, I like it.

[AY]: So I'll do this, and then I have to get back home to celebrate with my local friends.

[J]: Schedules and such, I understand.

[RK]: Those people, that group!  Lets stalk them!

[AY]: What time is it?

[RK]: 12:16

[J]: Oh, perfect.  That's cool.

[RK]: Let's assemble, and let's go.


1086 [NH] and [KF]

[KF]: I was beginning to think you wouldn't be getting home!

[NH]: At least I did around the same time you did.

[KF]: Around?  It's been almost half an hour.

[NH]: I still think that this holiday is silly.

[KF]: Pfff, whatever.  I had noticed how much America overcommercializes it in just these last few weeks.

[NH]: I know, it gets pretty annoying as you get older.

[KF]: I feel like I'll become diabetic from all of the sugary candy everywhere.

[NH]: It's that bad for you, huh?

[KF]: I'm joking about it, but it really is bad.

[NH]: Anyways, what did you want to do tonight?

[KF]: Did you want to browse for some creepy movies?

[NH]: I feel like some of them are going to be really bad.

[KF]: How bad could it get?

[NH]: Army of Darkness bad, so dumb that it's funny bad.

[KF]: I wouldn't mind watching some of those bad ones, it'd be like some comic relief.

[NH]: I suppose, and I don't have much candy anyways.

[KF]: I don't mind that, but I do like costumes!  I always thought they were fun.

[NH]: I don't really do costumes.

[KF]: I'm going to change into it, then let's get watching!

[NH]: Whatever.


1086 [AM] and [I]

[AM]: What a convenient time, what a convenient day.

[I]: It's come on...this day.

[AM]: What?  Because the veil between the spirit world and this world is supposedly thinner?

[I]: It's...true.

[AM]: Yeah, sure.  Crap that is contrived.

[I]: Right...well, you would...spend this day...with-

[AM]: No!  Don't you say it!

[I]: It is your...own're angry

[AM]: In a sense, you're right.  I get it.  I did do something wrong, ok?  I don't want to think that a lot, so why do you insist?

[I]: I cannot...kill you, and...I need kill...yourself.

[AM]: I'm not allowed to sit here in sorrow?  I know I did something wrong.  I can't help that issue, I'm very remorseful about it.  I just wish I could do something that people accepted for once.  That's why I make videos, that's why I make music.  Okay?  Come on, ghost.

[I]: You do...know, right...of what you...did wrong.

[AM]: I don't want to be reminded of what I did wrong just so that I know why it was wrong.  Please?

[I]: Fine...I will...go...

[AM]: Wait, before you do...I know you must still have some feeling of emotion, right?  You're not heartless or whatnot, right?

[I]: I...cannot answer that.


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