AK 86 the v2

Not the original AK-86, which was actually AK-25

This rifle was actually changed from it's original model after Ren lost the original rifle from 2025.  The original rifle was an AN-94.  This rifle was as valuable to her, as it had been used by a friend. The current AK-86 is an AK-12.  It had been found in 2085, but wasn't used until the next year.  This is why it was named after 2086.  On the left side of the receiver, Ren had kept her kills using the rifle with tally marks.  That is, until she lost count. You lose count easily when fighting ZEDs.

Weapon Modifications

  • A muzzle brake on the end of the barrel eliminates muzzle flash for those times you need to make noise but not light.
  • A Russian Kobra sight replaces the function of the iron sights.  Helps for seeing in the dark.
  • Using the same polymer color as the weapon's grip, stock rest, and upper hand guard, an ergonomic vertical foregrip helps with fine aim.
  • The rifle is mostly fed with hollow point ammunition, as those that don't have armor are usually lined up in various, ameteurish ways.  Armored targets are most likely smarter and require semi-automatic procedures.
  • A handle for chambering a round with the bolt can be added on the left or right side, but this rifle has it on both.  Just like "Fuze".

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