AK5 1A 148

The same as the A1A, but it's "new and improved"

The idea taken from pure bitterness towards the psychopath of the PAYDAY gang, Simon had believed in taking an eye for an eye using this rifle.  Soon he believed that it was not only subtle revenge, but pure wisdom.  He grew to like the rifle, and found it looking good in his image.  Despite he reemployment as a physician, he still keeps the rifle and the sentient sketchpad.  This is an absolute remodel of the A1A where the exterior is lined in SCP-148.  This is more an added bonus towards other users rather than himself.

Weapon Modifications

  • A "Fire Breather" compensator was added to the muzzle of the rifle to increase accuracy and stopping power, and although it does increase the punch it gives, it also increases the recoil slightly
  • The damage of the 5.56 round in this rifle is more easily compared to the damage of a 7.62 or .308 round
  • An upgrade to the stock stock, the "Bertil" stock distributes weight and adds a place to rest the user's head while ADS
  • Instead of a Swedish issue combat sight, a holographic (not EOTech) sight has been added to the gun's only reciever tactical rail.  This sight, comparing to the previous, provides a more accurate reticle shape and has a decreased visibility limit while aiming
  • Unless you've read the SCP's page, you may not know that the effect SCP-148 has on other SCPs is that it dampens and suppresses memetic, mental, and physical effects of another SCP.  Because it lines the rifle, it renders the user such protective qualities.  This is more of a bonus to users other than Simon, but it further enhances his resistance when he is equipped with the "new and improved" AK5
  • A combined Laser/Flashlight gadget is on the rail on the right side of the barrel
  • The rifle instead has a windowed, slightly weighted magazine which allows the user to estimate the remaining magazine capacity. This magazine also increases the magazine capacity from 30 to 34 and slightly improves recoil control and stability
  • This is the original look of the A1A, going back even before Simon was thought up of. This was (and still is) the look of the Bofors AK-5 rifle in PAYDAY 2 that I use. As of now, at level 25-100, I've used it since I was 0-35 (just before the Armored Transport heists released around October 2013, before Infamy ever existed!) The only modifications changed since then are the magazine (Clover DLC), combined laser (Butcher CAR/AK update), CQB barrel (Butcher CAR/AK update?), and an Accuracy Booster (shameless bullshit booster skin override update woohoo)

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