Although incredibly misunderstood, Alex is a main player in not only Aaron's history, but in Nate's, Ashton's, Aki's, and Mr. Nobody's.  He was and still is a good friend to Nate (for the most part), but is found to be lazy and foolish.  Despite this, he is not a force to be opposing, as Aki was almost killed herself by Alex.  To conclude that story, she did get back at him, yes.

Basic Information

Alex is a very lazy person, so lazy that he puts a flashlight in the place of a broken lightbulb in a lamp. Even lazier, the flashlight doesn't have any batteries in them. Alex seems to like Aki, but actually has a dark past himself. He also constantly tricks and "trolls" her around to the point of annoyance. Everytime he looked at Aaron, he was jealous of his time travelling powers. Aki soon realized that by Alex's own fault of letting her in his apartment. Alex, Nate, Aaron, and Labs used to be great friends, as it seems. Aki at first didn't recognize any of them in that picture except Alex. Alex also has his own remix of a theme that he made, and everyone seems to like it.  Everyone from Nate to Ren seems to like it, in which that Ren plays it on her electric guitar.  Alex is a likeable, yet lazy person.  Nobody seems to hate him too much, but Nate is starting to warm up to him.  Recently, Simon has been conversing with Alex.  Alex's time-travelling desires caught on to Simon and he decided to help.  After that, he started making more things for Alex just for the fun of science.  One of Alex's favorite weapons is a railgun prototype he found from a plane crash involving the local mercenary group that Simon said was taken from him years ago.  He allowed Alex to keep it and Alex jokingly named it the "GasterBlaster" like that in Undertale.  He even put a decal on it of the GasterBlaster on the railgun.

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