The incident of finalization

187 [KF] [NH] [J]

[KF]: Does Aaron know?

[NH]: Probably not, but I bet knows.

[KF]: Why didn't you tell me that this guy was the reason we left Florida?

[NH]: I didn't want you to be scared or worried when we left.

[KF]: Well, seems that it didn't work, did it?

[NH]: Wait, Kari, be quiet.

[KF]: What?

[NH]: Did you hear that?

[KF]: That?

[J] kicks the door down and enters

[KF]: Yeah I heard that.

[J]: I won't have to take out someone else just because of you, Fox.

[KF]: Funny you call him that when you want to kill him.

[J]: Shut up, now...I know you two are Special give up your guns...

[NH]: What, no we don't!

[J]: You're at my mercy...

[NH] and [KF] throw the .357 and Tec-9

[NH]: What good will you accomplish when I'm dead?

[J]: A more free America, for once.  That damned child Aaron can't be killed, so the obligatory bloodshed will have to come from the next best thing.

[NH]: Some cause you have, but I honestly believe you're going over the top.

[J]: If it's over the top, then I'll put good use to your friend here when you're dead.

[KF]: Ok, you may have your two 1911s and your neato eagle mask and your unwashed, dirty hoodie on you...

[J]: Get back, you dumbass!

[J] shoots [KF] in the shoulder

[KF]: You also might have us at your mercy...

[J] shoots [KF] in the stomach

[KF]: But you don't intimidated.

[KF] stabs [J] in the shoulder, then neck, then head

[NH]: Wh...

[J] dies from his injuries

[NH]: Kari, STOP!

[KF]: No...

[NH]: Stop, please!

[KF]: I wouldn't have let some...old bastard kill you...

[NH]: He's already dead, you saved my life, ok?  Plus, you need to go to the hospital...

[KF]: I do...

[NH]: Kari...

[KF]: I've lived...through worse injuries...

[NH]: Come on, I'll help you...

[KF]: Let's just go...

[NH]: What do we do with Jacob?

[KF]: Give it to Aki, I'm sure they had their differences at some point...take the heat off of us...

[NH]: Ok, let's go...


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