Extended from what they already have on their pages, this page reflects on incident based or though out loud quotes beyond their life motto

You can't change the past, but you can look forward to the future. If you can change the past, then you must look to the present. - Maj. Aaron Maximus

There's nothing more silent than the illusion of no one present. To master the illusion is an art rivaling perfect calligraphy. - Ren Kimura

Actions speak louder than words; so if you want to run for president, make headlines with what you did and not with what you said. - Aki Yamada

It takes crazy to know crazy, that should explain how Aki and I get along. - Lt. Ashton Mason

There's a similarity between a sniper and a painter. The finest details in a landscape; the smallest difference in color on your canvas could make all the difference. The only difference are the stakes: mine are higher. - Ren Kimura (supposedly)

A lot of people could easily underestimate my ability, but I win over my team with them knowing we won't be going in blind. - Kari Frost

Fear is what makes humanity follow in a perfect, straight line. Fear of poverty, fear of loved ones, or fear of their own life. What people fear is what they worry about, but what we're scared of we don't know until we've seen it. - Dr. Simon Peterson PhD

What is it you think I'm looking for? Because we truly don't know what we've been looking for until we've found it. - Asher Sokolski, to Col. Nate Hamilton

Understanding what we don't know will reward the greatest amount of experience throughout the mistakes made to reach success. That is why profession exists. - Dr. Simon Peterson PhD

You know, it's not always about finding the biggest gun there is. It's about finding the biggest functioning gun there is. I'd like it to do its job you know. - Aki Yamada

We both know the quote, "It's a hell of a thing killing a man: taking all he's got and all he'll ever get". It really runs right over your head until you've killed enough people to realize how selfish you are. - Col. Nate Hamilton, to Kari Frost

You know, I'm not as dumb as everyone thinks I am. People just get too serious about anything nowadays, they forget how easy it is to relax. - Alex Mason, to Aki Yamada

If you drop all of what you're doing, give up your old life, and change almost completely just to tell someone that you'll be with them a bit longer, chances are you'll be with them longer than you initially thought. - Hyun-Ae Sop

Oh, so you want a quote huh? Well, listen to For the Kill by Biting Elbows. That entire song is a cathartic representation of how I feel. - Anonymous

I don't worry about trying to get on anyone's good side. I can't be murdered, so no shit they can't kill me. Aaron's the same way, but I guess he just likes to want to be appealing. - Leila Evermist

I guess risking my life to kill a bunch of zombie things wasn't so bad. I mean, who else gets to legally pick up your favorite gun and shoot things 'till the crack of dawn? - DJ Issac Scully

Many people ask me why I've gone back in time to participate in every war America's fought in, well it's not because I like or endorse war, no. I support my troops, I was and still am one of them. I want to personally know what living hell is like from every era. I know what the fighting is like, I know what the down times are like, and I know what loss feels like. - Maj. Aaron Maximus

If I could tell you the most accurate quote I've ever heard to describe Aaron, "All this time I was finding myself, and I didn't know I was lost." would best describe my best bet. - Col. Nate Hamilton

On the off chance someone just so happens to ask me how I've gotten this far and somehow fully understand me, I'll say it's because of my CTU's motto: Fight to survive, survive to fight longer. - Maj. Aaron Maximus

You can't regret the past until you actually make it your past, so how do you realize the true feeling of lamentation before the deed is done? - "Mr. Nobody" "Labs"

Training builds tolerance. Meditation requires no distractions. If I can clear my mind as the cold rain and winds pelt my open skin without lamentation and do so successfully, then I have just built a resistance to cold weather. - Ren Kimura

The most meaningful memento, as nostalgia, is also the most difficult to understand. When was the last time an object had more nostalgia than an event in your life? Events hold meaning, and the only one to truly understand that meaning is yourself. Everyone else will think you're strange. - Ren Kimura to Lt. Ashton Mason

I think I have been bestowed the power of the Gods. Now I'll have to refuse people trivial favors because I'll be too powerful. The only mission I'll send myself on is to bring people a life of harmony and peace. -Ren Kimura to SSG. Tyler Johnson

Inspiration can be hard to find, because the brain is like a firearm. Nothing's going to happen if you're empty. - Hyun-Ae Sop

You want me to shoot the gun, or do you want me to hit something? Because all it takes to do one or the other is if I care to know what exactly why I have the gun to begin with. -SSG. Tyler Johnson

I don't mean this harmfully, but you've changed a lot. I understand that all the trauma you've been hit with could have been avoided and it's most likely why you've changed. But if you never changed, you'd be dead. Everyone has that one big swap in their life and then it could even happen again. I suppose what I'm trying to say is, let others know they should be careful of you. -Col. Nate Hamilton to Kari Frost

I have plans with the patio and with the rain.  The looking glass world of the past beckons me to wander. -Ren Kimura

Inspiration is the lubricant of the gears that run the creative machine. -Katya

He who defends first gets the first and last hits. -Kari Frost

In my journeys I always would kindly wave to the foxes. It was a way for me to figuratively say, "Don't worry, Nate, I'm ok!". -Kari Frost, "Stygian"