I've had a lot of written work for literary assignments and interests in my life, and every time its prompt is limitless I write about my world. This page holds such works that I wish to share (in parenthesis what kind of work it is).

Scully (Sonnet)

The fields which I will roam so dearly free,

For I am safe for now that I shall live;

To look back at my past for only me,

To be selfish I won’t choose to forgive;

I live for those to see me survive well,

So their sacrifice will not be wasted;

They were my friends whose souls I would not sell,

Maybe freedom was really in my head?

For now I run and laugh when all alone,

Because there’s no one to be happy with;

Silence for me is all an unheard tone,

Is it that happiness is only myth?

Though when I look ahead of me I wouldn’t dare cry,
Because to save the world there’s always more who will die


Directly off a memory of waking up from a nightmare.