Gone a long ways from home and England

(This page is of a character that actually exists and is limited to the knowledge and involvement in VOAU only, and not the general knowledge because it cannot be falsified)

Involvement in VOAU

DJ Scully (called Issac by Ren, Nate, and Kari due to lack of a known name) was in the midst of the Horzine ZED-eradicating operations in Europe, when Ren had entered as the sharpshooter they didn't have (handguns as Gunslinger, rifles as Sharpshooter).  After being the remaining two operatives, instead of continuing to fight them off, the two of them fled after failing to retrieve Nate into the Horzine operative list.  Leaving Nate lost near the French/German border, Scully and Ren escaped to a working means of escaping to Japan, back to where Ren lived, to her apartment.  While doing so, they crossed paths with Nate and Kari.  After the two retreated to Japan together, Scully was to fight in a war that America inevitably was caught up with in Russia.  Surprisisngly the war lasted 3 months due to the approaching ZEDs from just south of Ukraine and both forces turned to fight off the rest of the ZEDs and call off the war.  As of early October 2086, both American and Russian forces have relieved Europe entirely of ZEDs and international ideas of rebuilding Europe are in motion.

Side Info

Preferred Weapons: AA-12, FN SCAR, Desert Eagle

Personal Song: Plague Unit (zYnthetic)

[Personal Song]

Personal Song-145659801403:11

Personal Song-1456598014

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