Although Korean, many characters fear this just as they would an AA-12

With Korea's role in history being rather saddeningly small, this shotgun is often overlooked just as the Korean War usually is.  If it weren't for such events, Aaron and Hyun-Ae would not exist (and neither would I).  This, like the AA-12 was originally a shotgun make of the M16 AR.  Since the two most well known automatic 12 Gauge shotguns were taken, this was more than perfect.  The reputation of this shotgun is well known by Aaron to Nate , to even as far as Simon (who knows nothing of the power in its name).

Weapon Modifications

  • A heavy sound-proofing assault silencer replaces a muzzle.  It's counterproductive, but not for a user who hates the nagging sound of gunfire.
  • That's about it, nothing else differs from stock manufacturing.

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