Disclaimer from the Founder

You might think that I'm desensitizing the meaning of murder, rape, assassination, and even suicide. Well, I can tell you well that the pure reason I chose such heavy topics to be weighed on my character's heads is because of their impact and severity. You might also think I'm a total weeaboo. Well, that I am not. If you believe this true statement: I've only seen maybe 5 animes and I only liked 2 of them. I do indeed study Japanese and all sentences on the VOAU Wiki that are in Japanese I translated myself. For instance, the quote, "みんなは「ギターを弾くのが上手だ」と聞いた。「Through the Fire and the Flames」と答えた。僕は答えるのが上手だと思う。" said by Ren Kimura translates in English to, "Everyone asks, 'Are you good at playing the guitar?'. I answer with Through the Fire and the Flames. I think I'm good at answering". On a second note, she says it casually. As if she were talking to a close friend or family.  

Anyways, I have trust that you've been through some tough stuff in your life, sure. I have a lot of problems, but to condense it, I could just go on about Tumblr's period-stain existence. I won't, though. Suicide, rape, murder, abduction, or any kind of issue these characters have are very serious. It takes a bit of thought and a sensible amount of empathy to understand this. If you want to be shocked into a point of realization about how serious this is, just look up "shocking and freaky 911 calls" and listen to them all and you'll be bound to be scared stiff by one of them. Point is, the topics chosen to be presented in this Wiki are taken with consideration and thought. I'm not a shitty Creepypasta writer who writes contrived garbage stories and make the killer a Mary Sue. Sure Aki looks like a "Mary Sue", but it's not like every dude on the block wants da pusi b0ss and she certainly isn't invincible (they are almost invincible, but that's because I don't want to kill them off yet!). In fact, Alex almost killed her once. Yeah. That idiot. Going off topic, here. I know the gravity of the situations, their impact, and their consequences. I'm 100% sure that Aki would be charged with so many felonies, there's no choice than to give her dozens of life sentences without parole.  

Knowing this, I hope you consider this message in the same way as I intended it as. A harsh truth that not everyone is a child on the internet and that people need to grow up and realize that crime is bad. You may ask, "Since you said that, then why are almost all of your characters criminals with 'normal' lives?" and I do have an answer. The answer being: I can't do that stuff in real life, so why not make my characters do it. I control them, so why not? I'll tell you why not, that's being too immature and anyone who uses these kinds of criminal offenses in their work needs to be careful how it's used. If it did come off as if I didn't care about those who are victims of these offenses, then all I can say is, "I tried, oh well. I wanted to make you realize that I was being sincere and you dun goofed". If this wall of text hasn't made you vomit yet, then you're fit for some more reading. 

You might also be asking why I made this disclaimer. Well, just in case, that's why. We live on Earth, that's obvious, right? On Earth (rather, in society), I really want to be a nice person so that's what I'm trying to do here. Thank you for your time and... 

  • (PAYDAY) ...keep those helmets flying! 
  • (Killing Floor) ...happy hunting! 
  • (Hotline Miami) you like hurting other people? 
  • (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) ...stay frosty! 
  • (Fallout) ...stay safe out there! 
  • (Gee, I wonder) ...don't mess with the Saints! 
  • (Minecraft) ...visit a land of mushrooms if it sounds more like your cup of tea. 
  • (Void of all Unhappiness) ...stay alive if you can, it's rough out there. 
  • (Call of Duty) all of our DLCs 

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