Though just a nickname, it's still synonymous with hate to Simon

(This page is of a character that actually exists and is limited to the knowledge and involvement in VOAU only, and not the general knowledge because it cannot be falsified)

Involvement in VOAU

Dr. Clef of the SCP Foundation, or otherwise known as "Malpractice Man" to Simon.  While at Site-19, Simon had an unquelled hatred of most researchers on the site.  Dr. Clef in particular.  He was the one to monitor and control the experiments done on SCP-3000, the Sentient Sketchpad.  This led to immediate distrust and disliking to Simon's aggressive attitude.  During the most recent containment breach, he tried searching for Dr. Clef and ultimately found him.  The fight they had was short lived as Simon found out the Foundation used SCPs against him somehow.  He eventually left Site-19 forever and never returned thus far.

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