Self Introduction: Grace Belle Isle

 Bonjour, Je m’appelle Grace . Enchanté de faire votre connaissance. I know I'm a bit late on this "spill all your deep secrets to unknown people" thing. I'm honestly not keen on it but you gotta give what you take in this world, ey? Suppose I should start with the simple, such as being born and raised in Canada. Yes, I clearly speak french but I'll generally only be heard speaking it on formal or necessary occasions. I'm 28 and was raised by my father only... mother was off who knows where. My father was tough and stubborn, but not unkind. Taught me the moral code I've strengthened over time... he was a veteran, so he also taught me to shoot and how to defend my self at a young age.

 Lets see, what else... my passion for caring of others brought me into the field I work in, but the grit my father trained into me along with.. a particular incident in my childhood led me to be to frank and relentless for being a care nurse or run of the mill doctor.. besides, my integrity and my talents in medicine and biology led me to be applicable for some particular government work. Government work that of course required intensive military training. Having planned out all I wanted in my career at about 8, I joined the military reserve for the FAC/CAF(whichever you prefer to abbreviate the Canadian army to) and While in reserve I did my medical training. It was intense work that didn't leave time to make friends or waste my time flirting about..I thought that I didn't need to have connections with people. Not when I knew I was doing all I could to help protect and heal them, if I knew anyone personally it would just be a danger to them and a weakness to me. Honestly its an extremely lonely life that way.. 

   Stuff going on relatively Recently? I met Aaron on a mission... I don't know if it was the feeling that he wouldn't be in more danger around me then he already was, or that even I had a break point of seclusion, but I met him and he's sweet and tough, and maybe also a little lonely. My spec-ops got me approval to have a second job with a visa in the states, so I spend half my time as a trauma nurse in the states, and half my time as a spec-op for Canada. I don't know what to call me and Aaron, and frankly I don't give a zut , as long as we're happy and safe and doing our jobs.  

   So yeah. that's some facts to know aboot me.  

   ...not satsfied? too bad, I don't recall a minimum amount of dark secrets, and I don't have all day to record this. Au Revoir! 

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