The weapon is smaller than it looks

Very light and very useful for a small rifle, Kari was given this as a default primary.  The other rifle she uses is the second half of the range spectrum.  This rifle is used for short-medium range and CQB.  After time of using this rifle, it has been changed to fit her prefered style of CQC.  Though she only uses one over the other at a time, Kari had to carry both when escaping Europe.  This was a great hindrance to her movement and maneuverability.  However, both rifles are perfect to their own purposes.

Weapon Modifications

  • The grip has been changed to an ergonomic polymer grip for stability by fitting the hand more comfortably in the grip
  • The translucent magazine has been swapped with a windowed magazine.  The reason behind this was to replace a shiny magazine with a matte one to make them slightly harder to spot.  Why this matters to Kari is uncertain
  • The slightly-skeletal folding stock of a stock G36C was replaced with a more solid folding stock to make handling recoil easier
  • The barrel has been extended by an inch to add slightly more range and accuracy to the weapon.  Being a compact CQB rifle, an inch is all that's needed
  • A holographic sight has been installed to make aiming more clear
  • An underbarrel rail guard was added to the front of the bottom foregrip rail to distribute weight forward to slightly help recoil handling

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