Gauss Cannon

As Alex always gets his good guns, Labs got him a souvenier

Though profusely and constantly used on Mars by Labs, he handed it down to Alex for old time's sake.  Why?  Because he's always given the laser rifles and handheld WMDs.  That's just how it is.  Not much modification has gone into the weapon, except its two alternative firing modes: Precision Shot and Siege Mode.

Precision Shot

One of the two special fire modes, Precision Shot manifests together a medium zoom scope that locks on a target's head specifically.  One locked on, within a single second of aiming at the target, firing accuracy will be at 100% and the next successful shot will be to the target's head.  What usually results?  Nothing, because the target's head was just atomized.

Siege Mode

The alternative mode that impresses enthusiasts and bystanders the most, either it be fascination or fear, Siege Mode was more oftenly used than Precision Shot was while on Mars.  Normally an incredibly strong user can move about in Siege Mode, but those not confident in their strength usually stand still in the process.  The weapon expands outward and charges a beam intensely within the center awaiting the user pulling the trigger.  Once fired, an unstoppable and explosive beam is fired nearly infinitely in the pointed direction.  Destroying anything in its path.

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