Self Introduction: The Hacker

Do I really want to give up any information?  Wait, I have to?  Fine, fine I'll think of something.

I am The Hacker, case and point.

You may have seen me as an Aaron look-alike with a large facial scar, or a Hyun-Ae look alike with a different hair color.  Well which one am I?  Why do I have to say.

There's a lot of events passing by that seems to be unexplained throughout the history of any person commonly within current events.  I have a lot to do with Horzine, but there's a much more interesting persona I portray when out and about and it's covering up these look-alikes

I created the hardware for the ZED outbreak

I caused many critical Containment Breaches for escape

I called Nate for Ren

I led Mr. Nobody to the Christmas party

I allowed Aki the path of least resistance of proclaiming herself president

I led Horzine around


I help keep Simon safe

There's so many things I'm involved with, but Ren is merely a 7.5/10 if I myself am 10/10 on hacking ability.  There's a lot you shouldn't know about me, but I shall elaborate on a brief story of myself.

I've always loved computers, and I've always loved messing with people.  I put two and two together and studied computer software and engineering in college.  I took that to great use when I couldn't complete my dream degree.  I started fucking with other people.  I've found great interest in these guys here, in helping and harming.

If you were expecting anything personal, I'm only going to say this: my favorite color is blue and my name is Criptă.

The Truth

Follow me.