Howa Type 89

As if too long, finally adopting a Japanese firearm

Although underrated as it is mediocre at best, the Howa Type 89 has been standard issue for Japanese military since the early 2000's and was replaced two decades later.  Since the long firearms and weapons tech halt of half a century, this rifle is not yet forgotten.  As if like magic, Aki has made this exact model of the T-89 to be silenced, easily concealed, quick to reload, and heavy hitting.  How?  Who knows, but she's got everyone in on her secret.

Weapons Modifications

  • The rifle seemingly fires a round that acts as hollow point and armor piercing.  How exactly, is simply based on the rifle.  Still firing at around 800 rounds per minute, the T-89 IDKFA fires 5.56x.45 with greater thrust than its velocity proves to provide.  How exactly?  Who cares, that's awesome.
  • A x2 to x6 varying rifle zoom scope with a ballistics central processing unit (CPU) acts as the sight, not like it needed to be more powerful anyways.
  • Despite the solid polymer stock, the rifle remains invisible to detection.  With the size the rifle has, it should be impossible.
  • The magazines for the T-89 have a rubber magpul grip on them.  Somehow this makes the reload speed of any user to go from "casual sunday" to "adrenaline rush" handling.

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