Like a manic and chaotic mix of Aki and Simon, Hyun-Ae is a complicated character that, quite literally, just showed up at Simon's door one day.  An amateur gun nut and a past alcoholic, she displays attributes of every character in at least one way.  Unlike other characters, she shares a similar goal of Simon to bring the SCP Foundation to its knees.  This is what makes them a cooperative duo and also why she has been included with Simon in the PAYDAY gang mock crew.

In some strange way, they both have similar issues that they fix together.  One may think they fit together, but who's to say?

Basic Information

A dark past clouded by ungiven knowledge, Hyun-Ae had a close "friend" somehow in the SCP Foundation.  After a confusing and unfair incident with a containment breach, this friend has been designated to D-Class and was used in testing for SCP-939 which subsequently (and obviously) ended in their death.  Hyun-Ae, with no experience or money, had to start up independently.  She also changed her look so much that it she no longer can be recognized as her old self.  Only with determination and the goal of revenge, she set out from connection to connection only to be led by Aki, a good friend met on the way, to Simon.  She shows up in the outskirts of St. Petersburg, Russia to Simon's high-tech laboratory, primarily funded by money stolen and fenced from heists.  From there, the two make close friends and she was invited to join PAYDAY Re-evolved and was even given her own VHS-K2 to modify and keep.