IG Mac 10 45

A very common civilian grade machine pistol, but this has been upgraded beyond civilian use

Originally your average stock Mac 11 machine pistol, this fully souped up model is a new addition to the arsenal as a gift from Simon to Hyun-Ae.  Also using this automatic machine pistol as potential practice to dual weild automatic pistols.  This being with the Mac 11 and the CZ-75.  Not your average American gang member submachine gun, the model Simon has on hand is much more tactical and heavily modified: internally and externally.  As far as Simon knows, Hyun-Ae has no modification experience prior to their encounter and there on.  Therefor, he has modified this piece in addition.  So much so, that the model looks more like the Ingram Mac 10 and not the Mac 11.

Weapon Modifications

  • The sling tie, makeshift vertical foregrip, has been added from the Mac 10 to add for two-handed support.  Pretty neat, huh
  • A more wild compensator was screwed onto the barrel; whatever's inside it, it makes the muzzle flash blue and increases the fire rate by 50 rpm
  • The stock is folded out so that's convenient
  • A three-sided tactical rail is screwed onto the piece allowing a red dot sight to be applied on the top, a multi-laser module to be applied to the left rail and a mounted maglite flashlight to be applied to the right rail

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