Isha is the ghost of a girl supposedly born twice, which such a rumor caught on and wrote her fate.  Her real name is uncertain, neither of them.  The legend states her name as Isha, which is Japanese for "doctor".  She is said to appear to those who had felt guilty of an immoral action or of a close one's death,  but only to those who actually committed the act of which they are guilty of.  Either this be leading to a situation of a friend's fate or being their fate, no one has lived to say.

Basic Information

In the first life, she was born in Genoa, Italy in 1332.  By the time she had been 16, the Black Plague had spread around Italy.  The plague eventually caught up to her, quickly ending her first life.  She was later born again in Nagoya, Japan around the late 70’s.  Even though she remembered memories of her first life at a young age, she didn’t say much about it.  By keeping most to herself she had lived a pleasant life, doing things like going to shooting ranges and even traveling to America as she got older.  As a high-schooler, peers started to make rumors from the limited knowledge of her that she was a witch, or the devil.  On a walk home from late classes, she was jumped by a group of peers and was murdered, stabbed in the neck.  Before the story could get out, she woke up like she was simply unconcious.  After being rushed in by memories of the sorrow of both lives she lived, her eyes painfully blackened and her hair decayed into a ghostly white which the tips would chip away as burnt ash.  Taking the initiative that she was dead and vengeful, she didn't look the part and found it hard to speak.  By means of ethereal travel, she took bits of outfits and clothing to forge an outfit similar to the Bubonic Plague Doctor and a cute Japanese teen, creating a macabre sense of her two lives.  Also later fulfilling her admiration of old firearms and handheld weaponry, utilizing a blackened Thompson M1927 and sharpening a used machette.


  • Isha has haunted The Anger and Aaron the most, but also has done so to Kari and Nate. Though unsuccessful, she has tried to contact Aki, Jacob, and Simon and failed for each of their own reasons
  • Isha will approach her victim and will manipulatively find a way to know which method her victim would prefer to be killed.  The options lead to being shot by her M1927, or cut up by her machette in the end 
  • The most famous case was a young man who killed another man because his girlfriend was cheating on him with the other man.  While caught alone after an argument, Isha approached the young man and asked if he liked action movies or slasher movies, knowing this was a question he'd be comfortable answering.  The young man answered "slasher movies", and was found dead when his girlfriend returned to find a wide gash made into his neck a few hours later
  • It's weird that sometimes she can talk normally, right? When she does so, she actually looks like a decent person instead of a scary ghost

[Personal Song]

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Personal Song

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