Filler photo, but best fitting

Although she is a scary, vindictive, and intimidating force to encounter, she's not always doing her "job".  Sometimes if and when she runs into you because you've done something bad, she might not be "up to it".  That's a lie, Isha is never out of touch when making the world a "better place".  But to Aki and Ren, Isha has actually given up and resorted to surveillance rather than murder.  This is not because a ghost can have empathy, but rather because of the connections made around by her murderer.  They have come to be a better person and it somehow affected how Isha's afterlife is made.  Isha has been able to branch back into what she was before she died: a gun-loving, iconoclastic teenager.  Her looks may make her seem anything else when she's the vindictive "Doctor" ghost, but that's not what an average person looks like.  Have you ever considered that?  No, because you were too busy worrying if she was going to come after you.  If you were wondering what her name is, nobody knows.  Her killer didn't know and everyone she knew in her life has died in some way.  It's been forgotten, and the only one who does know is herself.

Now to gain a better understanding of what this is all about, I'll explain.

Who's this person who took over the site?  Well, I am The Hacker.  Sorta.  There's two of us, kinda, if you didn't figure that out.  As I have stated before, Aki's story is very relevant to the game Undertale.  It even was before the game actually came out.  Cool how things fit together.  From the picture above (and the picture on the custom photos page) you can assume (if you've played or watched someone play Undertale) that Isha compares to Undyne.  That's the file name too.   You may have also seen that Nate compared to King Asgore.  What you didn't know is that the relation to Isha and Nate is the polar opposite to Undyne and Asgore.  She, however, has let Aki and Ren go as she delved deeper into resting in peace.  I want to make this very clear though: Nate and Kari never had a son that somehow was Aki's friend.  Out of anyone, only Aki and Ren know that Isha even has a second form.  For this form, they call her "Akuko".  This is a pun to AKU (Evil) and AKU (To raise, to bring up) with the female name end KO (Child).

It is actually uncertain if Nate knows about this alternate form yet, but he soon will.

Does everyone who corresponds to an Undertale character ecape their troubles and miseries while getting along towards the end of their journey?  Well, who knows.  At least know this: if they all die, it won't all be by Aki's hand.  They do, however, end up knowing each other.

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