Jpn pdw

Not commonly used, but this is used when faced with an AR-only situation

The only weapon of two that Aki brought from Japan.  This is the go to sub-machine gun used when faced with an assault rifle scenario.  Actually a weapon from Florida, this is used as the CQB/PDW of the Japanese equivalent to SWAT.  The only contradicting issue of the SMG is that it is not silenced, contrary to every other weapon Aki owns exculding her best sniper rifle.  When asked, she isn't sure herself why she hasn't silenced it yet.

Weapon Modifications

  • Rail covers are added to the side foregrip rails to make the weapon more comfortable to hold
  • An obvious camo/skin has been applied to the weapon in a red/black sectioned pattern.  The most notable part is the kanji tally marks on the left side of the reciever.  This, quite conveniently, is the body count of this specific weapon
  • A muzzle brake similar to the stock brake has replaced the stock brake to act as a flash hider for muzzle flash
  • A vertical foregrip with a built in flashlight has been added to the bottom foregrip rail for easier recoil management.  Most KAC-PDWs have a similar vertical foregrip already
  • The stock sights were replaced with similar sights with tritium improvements to help aiming in the dark.  The tritium orbs on the sights are conveniently colored a bright red
  • Occasionally, the foregrip is taken off and a flashlight to compensate for the vertical foregrip flashlight is added to the right side of the foregrip.  The foregrip goes to other rifles instead

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