Self Introduction: Kari Frost, "Frosty", "IQ"

Ok, so this thing is on?  Oh, good!  Hi everyone, I'm Kari Frost.  I decided to record this when Nate is out with friends so maybe I could say things I wouldn't tell him.  Sorry if my English isn't exact and good, English is my second language.  I don't know who will listen, but I trust this will be given to trustworthy people.  Or a database, seesh.

I was born on July 18th, 2062 in Leipzig, Germany.  I was the all around estudious kid at school.  I never had a reason to act up, so I didn't.  As I grew up, I loved robots and sci-fi stuff and all kinds of technology!  It was kinda hard to find other girls who liked that stuff so I guess I felt more comfortable talking to boys.  I had two friends that liked the same kinda stuff I did, but that wasn't until I was starting high school so I felt a bit alone as a kid.  When I started high school, I joined a robotics team and met up with these two boy friends of mine!  Little did I know I'd see them again, though.  Well, their names were Dominic and Marius.  At the time, I just met up with them because they were in the furthest back of the room so I thought they might be outcasts too.  Turns out, they both came from other parts of Germany.  Dominic was from Berlin, and Marius was from Düsseldorf.  I thought that was cool!

When I got to know these two sorta studs, I started to enjoy this club even more. To add on, this school had opportunities to tech classes and all the mechanical everythings I could get my hands on.  Knowing this, I really enjoyed my time there.  Soon enough, I figured out what the three of us enjoyed the most in our time working on whatever mechanical.  Although, it was just preference and all three of us just enjoyed all of it in general.  Dominic liked to make all these electrical mechanics from pure scrap, it was impressive!  Marius always loved to build, build, build.  It's amazing the things he made!  Myself?  Well, I just loved doing anything!  I didn't like "no" as an answer, so I'd fix what I made until it worked like I wanted it to!  

We all got to know each other really well, and then that's when partying started.  I was the youngest with a summer birthday but that's because I was put in school early, doesn't matter much that we were all in the same class so it was only by a few months apart.  Parties with us involved were not all nerdy like Americans seem to think.  Us as Germans, we liked clubs.  Even East Germany did in the Cold War a century ago!  No really, look it up.  Leipzig was in East Germany, too.  You can drink when you're 16 in Germany, but you can't buy it until you're 18 so the three of us did drink at parties.  I myself never really got drunk too many times, if you're wondering.  Soon after, I did attend a high school in America for my second to last year as an exchange student.  I went to a school in Minnesota, and I didn't really enjoy it.  I thought the people were nice, but I couldn't stand that everyone had some hivemind. No diversity in thought process.  Oh well.  I came back for my final year in high school to my good ol' pals.

I guess over the time in high school, I got to be more patriotic to my homeland than I was as a kid.  To be fair, back then it was just feeling happy I lived in Germany.  In high school, it was much more like a duty to serve my country.  I guess also it turns out I wasn't the only one to think that.  Dominic went to Bundesgrenzschutz, or BGS, with his brother and invented a neat shock wire device after high school.  Marius, after high school, went into Bundespolizei as a mechanic and invented a trophy system from grenades.  Me?  I went straight into local police.  I thought that would be adequate.

As a police officer, I dealt with some basic work.  I never got anything worth my time, but I was making decent marks.  I also didn't get to see my two best buds at all after high school, neither could we all get in touch.  I felt like I was average again, I didn't like it.  I made new friends, moved into a nice place alone, and enjoyed what I could with life.  One day, a year after I started being an officer, I went out drinking with some of these new friends I only half enjoyed.  The most moronic one of them all, who was also the most intoxicated, was the one to be driving.  I insisted I drive because I had the smallest buzz, but all three of them argued against me.  Guess what, we got into a car crash.  The front passenger and the one behind her were knocked out or dead, I couldn't tell.  I was sitting behind this moron driving, but I could hear him still breathing.  I got out to see that the moron drove into a mother and daughter in another car, but they were dead.  I was scared, but I bet I didn't look like I was.  The driver got out of the car, and looked at me looking pretty terrified.  By then, he was probably terrified of my angry look.  I took out my special issue P226 and shot him right in the head.  To everyone else I told them he was coming after me and it was me or him, he wasn't a cop.

About another few years later, I was recruited to Grenzschutzgruppe-9, GSG-9 border police.  I took the offer and surpassed every challenge with flying colors and genuine accomplishment.  By then, I felt like I wasn't average.  That I'd live a life only few get to live and to serve my country the best I could, even if I did have to move to Bonn.  After all, one in five recruits pass.  Another great moment in my life at this point: Dominic and Marius were in my squad!  I loved seeing them again, and I felt like my life had a true meaning that I've longed for.  A purpose and one with a side helping of enjoyment and friends.  Soon at that, we had to come up with some clandestine aliases.  Dominic went with Bandit (ban-dit), Marius went with Jäger (yae-gur), and I went with Frosty.  Get it?  Frost is my last name, "stay frosty"?  Ehh, I know, cheesy.

The first thing I noticed was that I was handed yet another P226, superb.  The second thing I noticed was that I could have a helping of any rifle or shotgun or submachine gun I could prove I could use.  The most appealing rifle was the 417, a Heckler and Koch 7.62 rifle.  Soon after impressing everyone with my beginner's luck, I trained hard with battle rifle marksmanship.  I turned to love the rifle and shoot really well with it too.  I actually prefer 7.62 x.39 over 5.56 x.45 rounds.  Don't argue with me about that, you won't hear the end of it.  I think Dominic chose the MP7 and Marius chose the 416?  Not the standard assault rifle, I don't think.  The compact 416 with the goofy micro stock.

We did a lot of work together, and eventually impressed the higher ups that we didn't need more than just us three to take on the world's worth of Germany's enemies.  I did earn myself a lot of scars though.  I got one between my collar blade and my left shoulder from a M9 bayonet knife plunged right into me, that one hurt.  I have another from a knife fight on my arm from blocking an attack to my face, that one also hurt.  But the worst has yet to come, and lots more physical and emotional scars would be left on me until the day I die.

We got a call-in around April two years ago in regards to take back the German military's joint base with America's air force.  I had actually went to a HUGE gig my favorite DJ, DJ Scully, was a part of the previous night so I was pretty bitchy to have to already be called in to something.  Anyways, the three of us got a heli ride to the Bundeswehr/USAF joint ground base with every single other squad in GSG-9 to aid the USAF and the Bundeswehr.  Apparently these four guys dressed like France's Groupe d'intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale, that's a mouthful just to say GIGN, barged in demanding to repossess something called the "apoc control panel".  We got there to encounter this hellhole of a building already ravaged by battle, and immediately we got separated in combat.  I ended up encountering this guy from the USAF, said he was Lt. Ashton Mason and he lost his squad.  Guy knew his German at least.  Then through more searching, we met up with a guy who also knew German!  He wore all black, and had on the most stylish looking optical enhancement mask I had ever seen.  Claimed his name was Firestorm, but really I'd later know it was Aaron Maximus.  Even further, we met up with this mysterious man.  He said he started this whole thing and he was one of the four intruders.  He knew fluent German and had the deepest Swedish accent I'd ever heard, it would explain why if I knew it was Dr. Simon Peterson at the time.  Eventually we knew what exactly he started, and had to fight through hordes of unrelenting monsters called ZEDs that were just terrifying.  There was one that shot fire out of his arm, there was one that would scream so loud your eardrums would blow out, and there was this monstrous one with meat grinders for arms and glowing red and yellow lights!  The big one would make the ground shake as he walked around, it was a horrorshow.  We fought through, but I refused to believe my two life long friends were defeated in this rubble.  Just as freedom was offered to me, I turned it down for my everlasting comradery for my everlasting friends.

I ran through, calling for them constantly, fighting off many more of these ZEDs just to see if they could be alive.  Though I felt a bit hopeless, I did find them in the end.  I told them everything I just found out from the other three I met, and they were just as scared as I was.  We had to push our way out of that building and to the hills.  By then, we noticed that the three of us weren't going be able to save Germany from this brutal and gory fate.  Everyone was slaughtered, downtown Bonn was in ruin, and fire was overcast in the distance.  Little did we know, all of mainland Europe and the British Isles would also be eaten up by these nasty walking viscera.  The ZEDs would grapple to aircraft, pull drivers and pilots out of their vehicles, and reach around every corner just to eat apart another human being.  We saw it happen right before our eyes.  After that, we took one last look, and headed for France in hopes we could find refuge, never looked back.

It took us a year of recollecting ourselves and adapting to the new world, but we didn't change shape.  We kept our gear, kept our uniforms, and kept our weapons.  Eventually, we did make it to France by foot alive.  With our hopes lost and our spirits low, we just kept on finding sustenance and kept travelling.  One particular day in June of the next year, we heard gunshots and trucks roaring by.  I myself had faith we could establish contact with other live people, but as a CTU operator I understood we could not show weakness.  After the shooting and screaming subsided, we noticed that all the damage was done from person to person, not person to ZED.  After some noise coming from an upstairs building, the three of us encountered some really, really lost soul.  More lost than us.  I played harsh on the guy, until I realized he had nothing to lose.  This man was Nate Hamilton.

After a quick stress test, we took Nate with us.  He quickly recognized us as GSG-9, and I further delved into what would be his military past.  He claimed his crazy ninja ex-girlfriend cut up these dudes and he was trying to help them, but I remember Dominic laughing it off and calling Nate ridiculous.  We grew to really like Nate, and he became one of us as a small team and I really liked that.  The most depressing part is: Nate did have a crazy ninja ex-girlfriend that killed everyone.  

One later day, I got separated from Marius, Dominic, and Nate during a thick and unusual fog.  I remember really well that it was geographically impossible to have this much fog, as we weren't near an ocean or larger lake.  I managed to find my old pals, but not all intact.  There were my old colleagues that I grew up with, lying in a pool of their own blood.  Dying, slowly.  Bleeding out.  I panicked and tried my best to tend to their wounds right then and there.  Marius told me they weren't going to make it.  Dominic said a crazy ninja girl did slice them up, and he chuckled at that; but given my spatial awareness I seriously doubted he was telling the truth. Looking back at it, I was right. I started to cry, and he wiped my tears.  They both told me they wanted me to spare them the pain of bleeding out or of being eaten by ZEDs.  They wanted me to shoot them, to end it quick.  After ten minutes of battling the thought in my head, I did it.  I pitied them and they wanted me to do it.  I couldn't believe I had just ended the life of my two best friends in the whole world and if I hadn't had the initiative of trying to find Nate, I would have shot myself with them.

Nate found me, in return, and I had to use his shoulder to cry on for a good half hour before the fog cleared and I led him back to my best friends.  We buried them respectfully with their gear and firearms, and I took their helmets in their honor to bring with me.  In fact, they're on a special little shelf in here with a picture of us in high school and in GSG-9 in my bedroom.  I snap at anyone who talks about them poorly or messes with the small bit I have left of them.  I'm touchy, I know.  Anyways, Nate and I found this bitch but she wasn't alone.  She was with DJ Scully.  Turns out, Scully and this ninja, who's name is Ren, were in an elite mercenary group division of Horzine.  Horzine made the ZEDs, but Dr. Peterson unintentionally released them.  Ren and Scully tried to get Nate to join them, but they abandoned Nate and that's why I found him where he was.  Ren let us go even though she put a dent in my helmet, and gave us some Horzine high tech gear and ammo for the trouble.

Nate and I fought hard through ZEDs and low supplies just to escape Europe.  I actually fell in love with Nate, or rather I was madly in love with him and he caved in.  We even made love a few times before we could actually escape mainland Europe...why did I have to say that? I really don't know.  Before we actually got to the English Channel, we paid a visit to the Federal City of Bonn, to my house.  The two of us stayed there for a short while to recollect and resupply.  I was sad at all the belongings I had to abandon, but at least Nate and I got to parkour around the roofs of skyscrapers downtown.  Oh well, things change huh.  We got ourselves stocked up and got a yacht, I think, that got us to Florida in America.  The two of us lived there happily as average people enjoying life until something spooked Nate and he forced me into my Wrangler with all we could need and told me to drive to the other end of the country.  We ended up in California, but then Nate got a call from a peculiar, younger sounding girl saying she was sorry and we could live on this island just off the coast of Cali a few miles (still don't understand the Imperial system all too well) to help her with some work.

We moved to this island, originally called something Hispanic I don't really remember.  While there, I learned more about this girl.  Her name is Aki Yamada, and she used to be in the Japanese mafia.  I remember it distinctly because she boasts the name of it around everywhere she goes: Yakuza.  She's a major criminal, and because of her I actually met up with Lt. Ashton Mason again!  I wanted to catch up with him, but he always refuted talking about his military service with anyone.  He did tell me he was surprised and glad I survived, and was surprised I was with Nate of all people.  He introduced me to his brother, who's a big goofball and a total dummy but he's super funny and silly.  His name is Alex, and he always has a thing about doing absolutely nothing.  He's lazy, but that didn't mean he had no ambitions.  

Anyways, from these three I learned that they're all wanted criminals now (such a shame because Ashton was with USAF).  Putting two and two together, I figured out Nate had been a fugitive running away from Aki, Ren, and this Jacob guy as well as running away from the Miami police.  He thought I'd lock him up, but I loved the guy so much I didn't have the heart. I still don't.  I couldn't live with myself, killing my best friends and locking up my love.  Soon enough at a Christmas party Nate and I hosted at our new luxurious penthouse, I'd learn about everyone and anyone involved through connections.  Yeah, even Jacob.  At around January he tracked us down and broke into our home to kill us.  I took in three .45 ACP rounds just to stab this guy to death, all to protect Nate.  I almost died, and I earned myself three new circular scars.

Because of Nate I met: Scully and Ren again, Dr. Simon Peterson and his cute little assistant Hyun-Ae (I think that's Korean?), Lt. Mason again and his goofball brother Alex, Aki Yamada - don't get me started -, a...uhh... "Mr. Nobody", a peculiar Leila Evermist, and the one-and-only Maj. Aaron Maximus.

Ok, now, Aki.  She's quite a story.  She's ungodly rich, she probably has sex with Ashton seven or more times a week, and apparently has WAY high ambitions.  She barged into...somewhere and took over this island for herself as a city-state.  Now she is the president, there is never a reelection, and she renamed this island "Mirai Kuni".  She told me it was Japanese for "New Country".  She puts all of her friends' interests and her own interests before the citizens' and it's a bit messed up.  Sorry now, I'm done ranting I'll continue.

Just a few weeks before that same January I killed Jacob in self defense, god that guy made me want to vomit, Nate and I were recruited to a worldwide CTU organization for remaining elite counter-terrorists called RVI. Essentially, it's an acronym for Rainbow 6.  We had enlisted under the GSG-9 operatives, but if it weren't obvious I had to pick a new alias and was handed new guns.  The rifle I was given, a dull 5.56 SG 552, was nowhere near satisfactory and my shiny new blue anodized KingCobra had to be stowed away only to be given a Hk USP .45.  I had to think of something that made me elite, so I took to my old engineering skills to provide Nate and myself with creative new tools.  What I invented were two new, tangible gadgets taken from old, only speculated ideas.  Mine was the "Spectre" RED Mk3: a wrist-worn device that locates electronics and other gadgets live-time and through any surface.  My Natey-poo's was the G52-Tactical Flash Shield, a ballistic shield with brights effective to work as a flashbang.  Genius, right?  So that's what makes us S.P.E.C.I.A.L., hehe.

Just a while ago, I was in operation with Aaron and Nate with one of the Russian Spetsnaz and Brazilian BOPE.  Turns out, the other BOPE operative is ruthless as hell, and kidnapped me and interrogated me hardcore. I'll put it like this: I've been through too much as a counter-terrorist and I'm through.  When Nate, Aaron, Hyun-Ae, Ren, and Leila came to rescue me, Aaron was taken too.  When the remaining four actually found us, Nate made the other three take Aaron out while he took me personally.  Right then and there, the ruthless bitch who tortured the hell out of me, known as Caveira, I shot her down with Natey's stupid USP.  I then vowed I'd never be in the CT life ever again.

So what am I doing now?  Well, enjoying my 417 and KingCobra at the gun range, inventing new tools to benefit lives, took up painting, enjoying the limitless multimillion dollar wealth Nate and I have from his criminal schemes, making Nate teach me how to drift race, and I'm learning how to become a stealth artist.  With all I've been through, I've finally considered the fact I need to find peace.  I think, maybe I can find peace now.  I certainly hope Dominic and Marius find peace too.

Though my efforts are tried and true, I had to leave Nate's money and Aki's power to my old life. Europe was rebuilt quicker than I could ever hope for and I'm back in my own home. After even Aki convincing him, Nate moved in with me. I'm really glad France and Germany both pulled through to reestablish Dominic and Marius' graves to be with the rest of the Germans fallen when the ZEDs broke out. Their graves are in a national monument in Bonn, since its the location of GSG-9 HQ. I visit them once a month, and I really really miss them.

Ren had to barge in on Nate's birthday, of all days, and use Nate's "friends" to relay a message to Aki about a "clan war" or the like. Nate left for it dissatisfied and returned vowing he'd never leave me. I don't know what happened, but I'm glad he'll stay in Germany with me. For now. I'm starting to think that this world we live in won't give our sphere of influence any peace. Somewhere, something's got to be done. R6 keeps wanting me and Nate to return. I'd rather have the idea of being in GSG-9 be in the past, I don't want to be extraordinary anymore.

Oh hey, I thought I could get an update in or two or something. Here, I have my thoughts written down somewhere.

I think, yes, here we go.

Just to lament on what's been going on recently there's been all too much to have to do.

I'll try to make this short in full: Aki stepped down from her egotistical pedestal and eventually married with the ever dumbfounding Ashton Mason of course, she along with Ren and myself got caught up in a race I wasn't invited to, and I eventually quit GSG-9 to become a full time defense attorney. What do all of these have in common, you might ask. Well, that's the point of letting this out. First thing's first: fuck Katya, she's in on everything now but I'll get to that later on.

The one that's the most out of place where it started was that race. Aki challenged Ren and I guess jokingly told me to hop in. I refused but I felt like she needed to be leveled down even more off of her high horse so I decided then would be the time I finally revealed to everyone that I knew how to drive better than all of them ever could. The most surprised by this was Nate, despite the fact that I told him many times about my AE86 in the garage to which many more times did he inquire about. It was then that Aki and Ren were finally tolerable and I could finally get in on this roundabout of secrets.

Yes, over time with these people my English skills have improved greatly. Fresse, ficker.

I knew Aki would begin to want to see me more than she already might considering she never takes her eyes off of my ass when I'm around, so it wouldn't seem out of character for me to initiate meetings with her. Kill two birds with one stone using that race, that's what.

Apparently Ren and Ashton went on the escapade of handling the Manhattan issue in my place and that played some serious part in Ren and Ashton falling for each other. Also apparently Aki exacerbated that conflict of a love triangle by proposing Ashton invite Ren to join the two in bed given that Aki was always close with Ren to which Ren supposedly gave in and accepted. I know Aki is pretty much the worst when it comes to lust which is why my more frequent involvement with those three sparked some serious side effects.

Now lastly is the entitlement of becoming a lawyer. I defended Nate with my old knowledge of becoming a lawyer, which I would have done instead of BPOL if only some things didn't happen, to clear his name of some charges pressed by Dr. Peterson. I bested him and Ren, who prosecuted against Nate, and did the same to Aki and Ashton of revealing that Ashton full-on cheated on her with Ren. Except that time it was Hyun-Ae and not Ren, and with several mugs of coffee; things were just getting coincidental at that point. Too bad that second case happened on Aki's birthday.

Once Aki started to get antsy trying to involve me in her sex acts I had already severed myself from everyone, including Nate, to go following breadcrumbs to an SCP that I later found out was a trap employed by Katya to kill me and do her bidding. Well skip forward some time and cut to when I tried to kill myself. I broke up with Nate, or maybe he broke up with me, and Katya narrowly stopped me from doing that and instead made me a full time lawyer. Now, I had no idea who she was at the time or why she could play God but I spitefully kept on my life. At that time was when I started following this trap, and I guess at that point Katya thought it'd be better for me to fight for her and not fight on in solitude and thus tried to get me killed.

Well, it worked. I died. At that point I became her pawn and I was alone without Nate or anyone else and damned to be immortal at the price of following her plans by force. Although I essentially became more like Ashton, Katya never did interject on my doings much other than sometimes point me where to go. After I spent time forcing Ashton to accept the fact that I'd be leaving him, as only few people knew I wasn't really dead, I left to go search different planes of existence and different times alone.

This is where things get interesting, as these events are being written out as it goes. I suppose this is where my introduction ends and I leave it to you to discern where it is I might go, so good luck Earth and have fun with wherever things stand for the rest of everyone's lives.