Kari Frost is a young a bright woman who, as she thinks she may have expected, has seen a lot of unpleasant events.  Through nasty, human-obliterating "nasties" and harshly incompetent terrorists, Kari has accomplished a lot at her age.  Enough so that it's almost unbelievable that she is so young. Of all the characters under "Significant Characters", Kari is the most likely to be the main character of VOAU.

Basic Information

Kari Frost, quite a unique name, was born in Leipzig, Germany.  She grew up in a boring life being a basic person, as she claims, like a "nobody" or a "grunt".  Taking student exchange programs to have schooling in America, Kari was one a few lucky people to try this out, and was dissatisfied by America's lethargy and lack of care of other countries.  Instead of doing too much into college, Kari wanted to support her country militantly.  Though being a police officer at a questionably young age, she experienced an event which greatly presented her "mind over matter" mindset to an interested few individuals.  Eventually, she made her way into Grenzschutzgruppe 9 (GSG-9).  Doing so forced her to move to the Federal City of Bonn.  While being in GSG-9, she has earned permanent scars of a knife to the left shoulder and a slash down her right arm from a reckless knife fight.  When the nasties hit Europe, she and two other operatives lasted a year in the remnants of Germany.  Later to be found by Nate, The Anger , and Scully (in that order) Kari set on a plan of escape, which in a pyrrhic victory she had lost her colleagues Marius and Dominic to The Anger's ignorant bloodlust.  Ignorant of American life other than the unpleasant life she had in the exchange program, she was left to decide which state to reside in when she and Nate had taken refuge in America.  Kari had chosen Florida for it's fairly warm weather and paradise hearsay, to which Nate hesitantly agreed.  While living there, Nate had also taken refuge from Aaron due to his extensive disliking of him (to which Kari gave an ignorant excuse for Nate to want to).


Kari is, while only somewhat tall, built enough muscularly to fend for herself unarmed. She also possesses many scars that span from a thrusting stab wound just above her heart, a chainsaw slash across her right side of her abdomen, and slashes all along both of her arms. Kari is often complimented for her curves, particularly on the lower half of her body. Her original hair color is a light brown but dyes it so much to be a light blonde that most people around her forget that it isn't her natural color. She has blue eyes and a rather clean, smooth face given her experience in combat. Kari will often wear clothing that seems tailored to comfort, such as loose T-shirts, hoodies, skinny jeans, and Adidas-like shoes.


  • Lockpicking and breaching entry, plus very lucky at guessing passwords (advanced level)
  • Unparalleled excellence (seemingly impossible) behind the wheel of any FR Manual transmission car, but specifically the AE86 Trueno
  • GSG-9 special training
  • Previous German Police training
  • Battle Rifle/DMR marksman (advanced level)
  • Close quarters assault rifle specialist (advanced level)
  • High caliber continuous fire recoil control (advanced level)
  • Close quarters small arms combat blade specialist (advanced level)
  • Long-time piano performer (intermediate level)
  • Well-studied in robotic and extensive technological engineering, by leisure (advanced level)
  • Fluently bilingual (English and German)
  • Studied as a legal defense lawyer somehow (ace level)


  • Performance street driving in virtually any car, expertise in doing so with manual-transmission FR cars
  • Covert Ops and solo stealth missions, silenced weaponry and martial hand-to-hand combat
  • Semi-auto mid/long range engagement marksmanship, DMR
  • Robotic and user-operated tool management and creation, engineering
  • Piano performance
  • Lockpicking
  • Some persuasion attempts and general coercive speech
  • Espionage work: disguises, subterfuge, and hiding in plain sight
  • Dexterous with operating familiar firearms


  • GSG-9 combat experience
  • Participated in The Realm of 935
  • Surviving terror intel error abduction
  • Survivalist ZED outbreak escapee
  • Multiple Counter-terrorist operator veteran
  • Ground Zero for ZED outbreak involvement
  • Often covers up from or pays off law enforcement to prevent Nate's arrest


  • There is a dent on the top-left side of the front of Kari's helmet from where Ren fired a "warning shot"
  • Kari is clinically diagnosed with depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Personal Song-1456552967

Keep Hands Inside Machinery At All Times

Keep Hands Inside Machinery At All Times