A violent yet graceful individual at times, Leila grew up to become an unstoppable force similar to Aaron or Nate. However heavily tied into her apparent heritage and her weaponry just like Kari, Leila is much more malicious. Getting to know her is like the American version of an old British saying. Similar to how McNamara describes the Vietnam war and how Maximus recalls on time travel: in for a dime, in for a dollar.

Basic Information

Born as an early predecessor to Horzine and a late experiment to Group 935 Leila was born in a lab in Ireland from the genetics of two lead scientists, one male and one female. When the laboratory was seized by local authorities in order of OP 115, Leila turned away from orphanages and sheltering and ran off to America in her elementary school years. Without much to go on Leila spent most of her time homeless and confused, barely making it out alive. From her early teenage years, she resorted to burglary and theft to sustain herself. Her life from then on only escalated from bad to worse. Leila built up money in her time purchasing many tattoos, three firearms, a super car and lots of ammunition. Eventually, Leila grew curious of her origins and tried her hardest to figure out anything to no avail. Eventually at 16, she received an anonymous message telling her where to start. Little did she know that it was from Aaron, Leila set out to follow a trail of breadcrumbs that he left behind. At 24, Leila was lead by an extensive trail of leads to Ren. Nate ordered Ashton to fly Leila to Yokohama, Japan to meet Ren. From there, they tracked their way across the world to Aaron's home in Crimson, Colorado. After an ordeal with them and Aaron about Leila's origins, she would forever be tied into Samantha's game with Aaron and Nate for eternity.