Locke n key

Quite a fool himself, he still earned Bain's respect

(This page is of a character that actually exists and is limited to the knowledge and involvement in VOAU only, and not the general knowledge because it cannot be falsified)

Involvement in VOAU

Known as Locke to the PAYDAY gang and Vernon Locke as his whole name, Locke is a part of the technological and infiltration division at Murkywater or something like that.  He was the one to try to stop Ren and Aki during their self-appointed mission "Try This".  Though fooled and flanked by Ren who created a User named "Kie" as a pun to "Lock and Key", he still remained collected and turned to working with the PAYDAY gang to ease troubles and earn cash.  Shortly after Ren gained almost all of America's secretsm Wolf and the PAYDAY gang physically stole them a month or so later at Murkywater's Rocky Mountain base "Blackridge".

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