Nag Mos1891

As Aaron has his historical time travel rifle, now Ren has hers

When you travel back into history, usually the most difficult task is not bringing up suspicion to the people of that era that you are indeed from the future, as problems beyond time and space itself emerge to play. How exactly Ren came to adapt to the year 1918 was to adopt the people's mindset, their actions, and their weapons. This rifle in particular was the most impressive answer to her problem next to the American Springfield M1903

Weapon Modifications

  • To ease aim on the slick wood as it slowly was worn, gauze was wrapped around the grip to the stock
  • Quite literally screwed into the wood of the foregrip to the muzzle is a Great War era bipod, simply two thin rods of steel with pointed bottoms
  • On the stock is a pouch of 7.62x54 Russian rounds, the original Russian millimeter round along with several stripper-clips to put said rounds on
  • Though not as if most people could get close to tell, a 1918 year Gewehr x8 rifle scope on a Russian rifle is exactly what this is. Although, not many people got close to her at all

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