The incident of interest

986 [AY] [Bu] and [Br]

[Bu]: So, what is it that we're going to do now?

[Br]: I don't know, you want to set up a heist, get richer?

[Bu]: You make it sound so easy, and you say it so openly.

[Br]: This city is messed up, nobody is going to do anyth-

[AY] arrives, tired screeching from braking, on Swan Song

[AY]: Te wo a- uhh, hands up!

[Br]: You sound incompitent.

[Br] is shot in the knee by [AY]

[Bu]: Wh- you asshole-

[AY] hits [Br] in his face with her firearm

[AY]: I mean it, now keep them where I can see them!

[Br]: What do you want?

[AY]: Information.

[Bu]: What?  What is it you need to know?

[AY]: You said something about...heists.

[Br]: Yeah?  What?

[AY]: I need to know.

[Bu]: What?  You want to help or something?

[AY]: Yes.

[Bu]: You look, well, you really don't fit the part.

[AY]: What, is there a certain way I have to look?

[Br]: At least have some class, bitch.

[AY]: I wasn't talking to you, prick!

[AY] aims roughly without looking at [Br] and shoots his foot

[AY]: So tell me, what must I do to get in this organization?

[Bu]: If you-

[AY] aims more firmly at [Bu]

[Bu]: If you help heal the damage you dealt to my friend here, we can help you in return.

[AY]: And why do you think I'll do that for him, is he the one who will tell me how to get in?

[Br]: I can think of something, and you did want to know how to get in this business.

[AY]: So he is the one who can tell me how.

[Br]: Yeah, uhh, I am!

[AY]: Then, give me first aid and I'll try something.

[Br]: I...thanks...but, do you have a name?

[AY]: Not until you tell me how to join this business.  Names are for friends, so right now I don't have one.

[Bu]: It seems you might have one soon, then!

[AY] gives [Bu] a mean look and grunts

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