The weapon is just as awful to be killed with when loaded or not

The most intimidating and wretched rifle of the trio, this make of model could prove worthy of realms not only of Earth, but of Pandora and Mars too. With such an iconoclastic ability and style, it only makes sense to give it to the collector of bizarre weaponry. Although it is now a part of his collection, he found it more by chance than motivation. Lucky to have obtained such a weapon, Alex keeps this more to himself than one would think.

Simon's Description

"PT.Mk3 is the most incredible mechanized weapon prototype I have ever seen, which is why I nicknamed it KraftVapen. The inner mechanics of the weapon do not make any physical sense to how it is actually designed by my observations.  The weapon is chambered in 5.56x45 NATO ammunition but has damage capabilities of .388 Lapua ammunition.  Not only this, but the weapon has two select fire methods: Fire Rate and Fire Type.  Upon further investigation of "Fire Type", it allows you to change the round to incendiary, explosive, and instant-acting poison.  The rifle will only accept unmodified 5.56 rounds and will strangely act as hollow point upon firing unarmored targets and act as armor piercing upon firing at surfaces and armored targets.  This effect will happen along with whatever the selected "Fire Type" is.  The rifle fires at 800 rounds per minute and has a strange set of attachments.  A rather flat, wide visibility sight called a "millimeter scanner sight", or MMS for short, was on the top rail.  What this sight does is scan the targeted area and highlights hostile heat signatures on the sight and marks their distance away in meters until they are out of sight or eliminated.  A dual-function LED combo module was on the left Picatinny rail, however the flashlight and laser are unmodifiable.  The flashlight remains a swirling, spinning vortex of green and yellow and the laser remains a constant changing color range of the entire rainbow.  I find this to be a joke at first, but truly the only changeable part of the module is changing the batteries.  Only natural its color is jet black."

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