A list of all pages on the site (year indicates when I created them)

In brackets will be a status message declaring whether a character is missing or dead (for vehicles, a status of destroyed may be applied instead of dead)

Although this list contains the characters, objects, and vehicles, you may also use the categories

Significant Characters

Kari Frost (2015)

Jacob (2015) [Presumed Dead]

Aki Yamada (2015)

Isha (2015) [Presumed "At Peace"]

Ren Kimura (2014)

Simon Peterson (2014)

Nate (2011)

Aaron Maximus (2011)

Special Weapons

There were so many guns that the VOAU characters use that I made an entire page on it!

Check out "Glorious Guns!" in the "Page Database" tab!

Non-imaginative VOAU Characters

DJ Scully


Jacket [Dead]

Dr. Clef

Locke [Missing]

Takumi Fujiwara (His Legacy)

Other Characters

Positive and Negative (2014)

"Burginator" and "Brosef" (2015)

Jodie (2015) [Dead]

Cassandra (2014) [Dead]

"Mr. Nobody" (2015)

Hyun-Ae (2016)

Asher (2016)

Leila (2016)

Tyler (2016)

Grace (2016)

Undisclosed SCPs

Why the reason of the numbers?  They don't have any, so I mock them as vapid as I can







Error: [Uncategorized]

"The Hacker" (2016)

935-X2 Mk2 "Hydroplane" (2016)

"Katya" (2017)

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