Special Groups Private Information

This is a page that collectively describes a group or team some of the characters have been in or are still currently in.  This information is not meant to be seen by anyone except those involved, hence the use of the word "private".  This is being done mainly to describe the anready cryptic story of VOAU and help understand something like how Aaron and Nate used to be best friends, or what Jacob does when he's not being watched by Ren and Aki.

Team Rainbow

Participants: Kari Frost, Nate, (Other)

Nicknames (in same order): IQ, Blitz, (Other)

Description: Team Rainbow is a Spec-Ops counter-terrorism unit that consists of the best-of-the-best operatives from counter-terrorist groups across the world. Each member has their own talent or device that makes them unique in Team Rainbow.

Jacket's Honor (Expired)

Participants: Ren Kimura, Aki Yamada, Jacob

Nicknames (in same order): Evil Eye, Shi, Jacob

Description: Jacket's Honor is a small group, much like the Fans, that took off of Jacket and made a spree of death for the 50 Blessing's cause from inspiration from Jacket. Though compared to the Fans, this group may seem "over-powered".

935-X2 (Expired and Wasted)

Participants: Aaron Maximus, Nate, [REDACTED], [REDACTED]

Nicknames: None

Description: 935-X2 was a small group sent to eradicate any zombies sent by the plans of Edward Richthofen and/or Dr. Ludwig Maxis. It was mainly motivated by self-determination and the will to do right to other's wrongs. For Aaron, vengeance. For Nate, righteousness.

Ex-Presidents Corp.

Participants: Aki Yamada, Nate, Alex, Ashton, (Other)

Nicknames: None

Description: This group is a small 4-person team who's initial motive is to be rich as possible through ill-gotten methods. This group has expanded more to an entire corporation led by Aki herself.  The motive remains, but the strategies have expanded. Now a monopoly with Aki as city-state nation president but with Ashton in charge of military affairs.

Horzine Special-Ops (Expired)

Participants: DJ Scully, Nate, Mr. Foster, Ren Kimura, Lt. Masterson

Nicknames: None

Description: Horzine's clear motive in this team is to wipe away the ZEDs in europe and to stop [REDACTED]. Through the disappearance of [REDACTED] and the collaborated efforts of the world's two most powerful countries, the ZEDs have been wiped out entirely. This team also defected to their own directions before the ZEDs were wiped out.

PAYDAY Re-evolved (Expired)

Participants: Aki Yamada, Simon Peterson, Nate, Hyun-Ae, Asher

Nicknames (in same order): Autumn, 3K1A, Jacket, Hye, Asher

Description: A clear spin-off of the original PAYDAY gang, this group is a mockery of those rejected by Bain. These three steal heists from the PAYDAY gang and even do their own that are more controversial than the PAYDAY gang. They might steal nukes, but these three steal what makes the nukes. They might steal counterfeit printing plates, but these three make money from those plates. They might make meth by dumping ingredients, these three make meth from scratch. Point being, they get more money from being more extreme.

OP-115 (Reenstated, now Expired)

Participants: Aaron Maximus, Ren Kimura, Hyun-Ae, Leila

Nicknames (in same order): Thermite, Mimitome, Seoli, Ash

Description: -

The History Walkers

Participants: Nate, Tyler Johnson, Ren Kimura, Kari Frost

Nicknames (in same order): (Depends on the allied country)

Description: Those who learn the most from history end up walking backwards, then running ahead.

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