Hk P232

There's only the original in another universe, another timeline

Despite the unknown fact that this handgun is a version two of anything, it is called "v2".  The original is in one of the hypothetical universes called "Fallout", this resides in files locked away from unimportant, untrustworthy hands and eyes.  This is the handgun used when Kari is specifically Special Agent Frost.  Much like James Bond, but German, a woman, younger, and taken.  Something like that.

Weapon Modifications

  • The most obvious quality is the shocking yellow hydrographic design on the slide.  This is in memoriam to Dominic Brünsmeier (Bandit), one of her two life-long friends.
  • Rather than a basic SAKER silencer, a so called "Roctec" special operations handgun silencer is what is seen above.  Unique to other silencers that it is tougher to wear and heavy duty to improve recoil recovery making recoil go from slight to non-existant.
  • An ergonomic polymer grip replaces the stock grip, etched in it on both sides respectively are the initials of Dominic and Marius: "DB" and "MS".

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