Timeline of VOAU Events (Continuously Edited)


A formal list of events in chronological order based on time, although time is finicky and inaccurate to display an order of events for some characters that hop throughout time.  Say, what happens in the future after a major event could have happened before the major event to that character given that they hop through time and space. A break in the times indicates a large amount of time (at least a decade) is passed.

This is the song (below) I reminisce of all the good memories made over the years I developed this, now fully established into my life, world of mine.

Metal Gear Solid - Duel (Drum and Bass Remix)

Metal Gear Solid - Duel (Drum and Bass Remix)

January 1332: Isha born (1st)

September 1348: Isha killed by plague

1400's: The Vestal, Plague Doctor, Leper, Grave Robber, Highwayman, and Crusader depart (and make history), Katya and her predecessors of Labs, Isha, and Ren (with help of those of Ashton, Kari, and Nate) defeat what lies in the gaping maw of their nightmares only to have started the cycle for eternity

February 1924: Stygian awakens in a different universe yet again but it is one very different to her own- and finds herself in the Aether

October 1924: Stygian finds herself no longer human and then transformed seemingly invisibly into a wraith with the abilities of physical shapeshifting

May 1930's: Aaron Maximus born

September 1945: Aaron Maximus travels to 2000's

September 1958: Plasmid experimentation begins

October 1958: Plasmids become drinkable

January 1960: Plasmids (experimental and tested) stolen by Aaron in time travel test

1964: A "Major Maximus" was reported at the ceremony of Naked Snake's reinstatement as "Big Boss"

January 1970's: Isha born (2nd)

August 1980's: Isha killed, became ghost

1984: Venom Snake's actions are rumored to be ghosted by a "blond ninja sniper", but are eventually forgotten like Quiet was

April 1989: Jacket begins work for 50 Blessings

July 1989: Jacket apprehended

November 1991: Jacket incarcerated

May 2004: Aaron Maximus' age unintentionally go a full reset to zero

2005: After the skirmishes on an island off of Alaska and the graceful death of a marksman's role model, a "David" returns home to find a friend of his is going to be a father

December 2006: Nate born

2014: Nate never hears from the family's friend David ever again

2018: The war economy of the last few decades collapses, leaving a new one to rise from the ashes and in need of soldiers, weapons, and vehicles of warfare, the DPRK and ROK unite after half a century of conflict thanks to the cooperation of both nations' leaders

June 2024: Aaron and Nate meet while enlisting to the US Army

February 2025: Aaron takes up video and music making while he and Nate are promoted to fight in the US Army Rangers

March 2025: Aaron marries

April 2025: Nate marries

May 2025: Aaron and Nate's partners die, Aaron finds new relationship

June 2025: Nate finds new relationship, Aaron develops necromancy, time travel, and immortality

August 2025: Aaron and Nate, terrorist group targets them- group who Ren's great-grandfather was in

November 2025: Aaron and Nate, military service and separation after

December 2026: Aaron's partner disappears, Nate breaks up his relationship

January 2027: Nate mindlessly discovers links to David, which lead him to the grave of a one "Big Boss"

February 2027: Aaron gives up search by request

2050's: Moon and Mars colonization begins, Ren changing the events of time (estimated after the events of 2089) becomes maimed in combat and resorting to cybernetic enhancements

March 2050's: Jacob born

December 2055: Simon born

February 2059: Aki born

November 2061: Ren born

July 2062: Kari born

June 2068: Jacob expelled from excessive violence towards foreign peers

December 2069: Jacob joins 50 Blessings

2070's: Colonization of Jupiter's moons begins as AI-androids become developed and mainstream

February 2070: Jacob starts to commit other crimes (theft and rape)

July 2074: Aki breaks, runs away

February 2075: Aki taken into Yakuza

September 2079: Katya thought to have been born

October 2081: Kari joins police

November 2081: Ren kills mother, runs away

March 2082: Simon finds the Sentient Sketchpad

April 2082: Ren resides in ARK, Simon taken to SCP Foundation

May 2082: Kari transfered to GSG-9

April 2083: Aki betrayed by Yakuza boss, incarcerated

June 2083: Cassandra killed, Simon plots escape

September 2083: Simon escapes Site 19 (1st)

October 2083: Simon returns to Site 19 to steal SCP objects, is recontained

July 2084: Ren sent to America

December 2084: Simon escapes Site 19 again and is not recontained

March 2085: Kari attends major collab. concert, meets Scully

April 2085: Horzine ZED outbreak occurs

August 2085: Ren returns to Yokohama

September 2085: Aki sneaks out of prison

December 2085: Ren meets Nate in Japan, Ren steals some plasmid samples Aaron had


January 2086: Ren kills Nate, Nate revived by Aaron, Isha first appears to Ren

February 2086: Aki diminishes her Yakuza section and moves to California; Isha tries to connect to Aki and fails; Jacob kills Jodie

March 2086: Ren, Aki, and Jacob meet in Florida; Ren and Aki help Jacob's 50 Blessings work; Aki incarcerated and then broken out of prison by Jacob, Aki takes refuge in California

April 2086: Scully and the other Horzine operatives travel to France; Aki and Ren fly to Miami occasionally to Jacob

May 2086: Scully meets Ren as Horzine operative and brings Nate to France; Aki and Simon rejected by Bain

June 2086: Nate found by Kari, Kari brings Nate with her, Kari and Nate start relationship

July 2086: Nate and Kari find Scully and Ren, both pairs go separate ways after negotiations, both pairs return to their homes (Nate/Kari in Florida and Scully/Ren in Yokohama)

August 2086: Scully taken to Northern War in Ukraine; Nate caught by Aki, Ren, and Jacob and takes Kari to drive to California for refuge

September 2086: Aki joins with Alex and Ashton in heists and allows Nate to join in without Kari knowing

October 2086: Scully returns to Ren after all ZEDs have been eradicated by America and Russia, Aaron stops seeing Isha

November 2086: Aki, Ashton, Nate, and Alex offered part-time involvement into PAYDAY gang: only Aki accepts; Alex suspected as schizophrenic; Kari invited to new "Ex-European Operatives Division" for "Operation RVI: Seige"; Kari meets Aki, Ashton, and Alex during Thanksgiving

December 2086: Nate starts having Isha's hallucinations; Aki meets Aaron; Aaron, Alex, Nate reunite with old friend; Aki, Ashton, Kari, Simon, Ren, and Scully meet said friend; Aki breaks up with Ashton


January 2087: Nate told of everyone's death; Ashton, Aaron, Alex, and Mr. Nobody enter Team Rainbow (not for long at all) with Kari and Nate; Jacob is killed by Kari

February 2087: Ren reconnects with Nate; Alex and Aki rumors spread; Nate prevents potential crises; Europe being rebuilt and offers surviving citizens back; Simon reconnects with all and created Payday-gang mock with Nate and Aki

March 2087: EOD (Eavesdrop Observation Document) secret completely discovered; Asher meets with Aki; Asher offers PAYDAY Re-evolved "Murky Station" to then led to "Boiling Point"

April 2087: Nate, Aaron, Ren, Simon, and Kari meet in private; Simon assumes control of those in power; Kari controls Nate to lower hostility successfully

May 2087: Aaron attempts suicide and is objected by [REDACTED], Leila meets Ren and Aaron; Aki considers head of criminal corporation as gang leader

June 2087: Scully trains in marksmanship; Simon(?) travels incognito to Japan/Ren(?) takes a break to travel other places of Japan; Aaron again locks himself away in his home 

July 2087: Aki overthrows current city leader- becomes president of now-proclaimed city-state which she, Ashton, Alex, Nate, and Kari live in; From 7/19 to 7/29- Aki, Nate, Alex, and Asher attempted and completed the Ozaki 8, ARX-160 Prototype Challenge launched

August 2087: Ex-Presidents Corp. launches as monopoly, Aki gains new associates other than typical three; Kari captured by enemy in latest RVI Op. (involved: Kari, Nate, Aaron), Aaron captured by enemy in Kari rescue mission, Aaron and Kari rescued days later

September 2087: Mars colonization postponed by demons and Labs is flown to secure, Scully first to head back to England safely, Kari moves back to Bonn maybe report for GSG-9 duty under ignorance of BOPE involvement without Nate; Ren and Kari make friends with Ashton and Alex, Leila moves to Ireland

October 2087: Aki brings upon reform and order; Ren travels to Europe/Arabia 1918; Aki learns about The Grid; Grace from JTF-2 joins(?) Aaron; Ren converts to Buddhism and builds a complete resistance to distractions

November 2087: Ren returns once accidentally in MG-08/15 Sentry Kit; Ren and Aki meet first time in over a year; Aaron and all welcome Japanese SAT, New CTU plans to take down Mirai Kuni in speculation; Kari and Nate meet again

December 2087: Labs returns, Ren takes vengeance, Simon takes vengeance against advice, Aki's got a plan


January 2088: Ren and Labs end Aki's plan, Simon's absence cause loss of influence; Ren exploration in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

February 2088: Kari becomes Special Agent in espionage

March 2088: Tyler to find interest in Ren, Aki and Ashton set to wed

April 2088: Kari set to be discharged from GSG-9 but luckily isn't, Tyler nearly court marshaled out of Marines; Kari tries to move back to Leipzig but is emotionally compelled not to

May 2088: Nate takes Kari into the Great War when Ren doesn't, Kari supposedly with Tyler taken into the Vietnam War

June 2088: Aki and Ashton married; intolerance and impatience grows within everyone to each other; Aki meets a hidden idol

July 2088: Ren pushes past Chernobyl to supposed "Metro" life in Moscow and first fails before a success; distanced and time travel use details more ambiguous

August 2088: Ren somehow finds a way to start to "like" Tyler; Aki revealed on Ren, Kari, Aaron's driving ability; worlds destined to unravel and separate. We'll make it, come on! Wheel power and, never stop and never surrender!

September 2088: Nate and Ren discuss the intriguing time loops and somehow stop the Cycle at their group; then leaving a placeholder for a catalyst, Ashton the first to uncover occult links of history repeating itself- evidence of the Cycle confirmed

October 2088: Ren uncovers links of Nate and someone he knew to "Metal Gear", Aaron also tied by action and not affiliation, Ren travels to a key point to turn a "Snake" into scapegoat/surrogate, the likes of Katya's location compromised and she spirals into an adventure unlike one to get involved into

November 2088: Kari invited to racing event in Australia, Katya discovered at multiple locations across history and in present day, Ashton given the crusader-like Catholic variant of Ren's "Mark of the Gods"

December 2088: Kari re-platforms racing event by participating in unsanctioned dozen-racer street races and midnight one-on-one races - winning against multi-million dollar supercars in her AE86 and had to purchase a McLaren P1 (Aki's car) to beat only one final racer, Kari purchases multiple cars such as the Mazda RX-7 FD + FC and the Koenigsegg One:1, newly welcomed South Korean operators on Team Rainbow rattle the conflicts of various fellow operators


January 2089: Nate and Tyler split for the time being - tears into factions of Ren and Kari, Kari lost behind the wheel once again on the open roads, one of many present "Katya" finishes Simon's job with one last contract for everyone, one operator from Team Rainbow helps Ashton in the SHD Second Wave in their ongoing missions within the Manhattan Quarantine Zone and is later replaced by Ren

February 2089: Ren going back to space (other than the moon and briefly Mars), Ren admits love for Ashton (thus creating a love triangle that Aki takes advantage of), Tyler seemingly abandoned by Nate and Ashton, Kari on record to have beaten several multi-million dollar super cars of recent years only in her AE86, Kari studying into her second favored profession of a defense attorney (as opposed to police of which she chose prior) and involved in Simon-related issue Ren plans to bring against Nate, Kari breaks up with Nate

March 2089: The community as we know it identifies Katya, Kari manages to bring to light a dilemma between the love triangle while also Hyun-Ae getting involved in Kari's lawyer antics, Kari after bitter luck with what world she has lived in attempts suicide; the Cycle begs to differ

April 2089: Could be taken as a morbid April Fools joke as Kari is found dead by Nate and (almost) everyone mourns

May 2089: Unlike predicted in the efforts of a past vigilante PMC the world now has no traces of nuclear weapons

June 2089: Simon finally brings about the end of the SCP Foundation (thanks to Katya and Kari) and sees to the problem that is now of reminiscent titling: the Phantom

August 2089: A new shady peacemaker military force operating similarly to Spetsnaz gains renown known only as "Nocturn" which was established to study the supernatural and paranormal

October 2089: By means of Katya's influence awakening in Stygian she gains Katya's powers and more in her own soul-bound familiar known as a "Stand"

November 2089: Aki manages to give herself a Stand with research provided by Nocturn, also does so to Hyun-Ae

December 2089: Stygian unlocks the secrets studied by Simon in his time of organized crime therefor finalizing a years' long struggle to its conclusion

2100: An experiment of directed time and location teleportation performed by self-sustained regeneration and remote control tested on an unlikely volunteer- proves to work too well and acts as an unstable ticking time bomb

2127: Argent Tower construction on Mars completed

2136: Advanced Research Complex construction on Mars completed

2145: Project Lazarus' Manned Expedition uncovers the "Doomslayer" (with old-tech weapons, i.e. M249 SAW, 1216, and 2006m) in the Kadingr Sanctum

October 2149: Labs wakes up killing demons once again but without the alias of Mr. Nobody

2160: Aki and Ren finally put to rest after the latter portion of their lives spent tirelessly on the secrets of Katya, Kari finally no longer immortal and is free of Katya's grasp as Stygian

2287: Stygian now again known as Kari is found in yet another separate universe albeit one decimated by nuclear warfare two centuries prior

2600's/2700's: Two Hunters begin their quests as Guardians, then two years later a new quest begins with the introduction of "Katya"; Katya later has three new friends as Titans but one as a Hunter, Katya finds what remains of the broken cycle