Timeline of VOAU Events (WIP)


No links or immediate travel to possible pages on the wiki will not be avaliable, this is meant as a reference to put the entire story together in bulk, which even to me may take some revising.  It is a big world, and will take a lot of researching and remembering stuff.  In my recent sketches, for example, I forgot that The Anger only wears her right glove due to use of plasmids (oops).  A break in the times indicates a large amount of time (at least a decade) is passed.

This is the song (below) I reminisce of all the good memories made over the years I developed this, now fully established into my life, world of mine.

Metal Gear Solid - Duel (Drum and Bass Remix)04:07

Metal Gear Solid - Duel (Drum and Bass Remix)

January 1332: Isha born (1st)

September 1348: Isha killed by plague

1400's: The Vestal, Plague Doctor, Leper, Grave Robber, Highwayman, and Crusader depart (and make history)

May 1930's: Aaron Maximus born

September 1945: Aaron Maximus travels to 2000's

September 1958: Plasmid experimentation begins

October 1958: Plasmids become drinkable

January 1960: Plasmids (experimental and tested) stolen by Aaron in time travel test

1964: A "Major Maximus" was reported at the ceremony of Naked Snake's reinstatement as "Big Boss"

January 1970's: Isha born (2nd)

August 1980's: Isha killed, became ghost

1984: Venom Snake's actions are rumored to be ghosted by a "blond ninja sniper", but are eventually forgotten like Quiet was

April 1989: Jacket begins work for 50 Blessings

July 1989: Jacket apprehended

November 1991: Jacket incarcerated

May 2004: Aaron Maximus' age unintentionally go a full reset to zero

2005: After the skirmishes on an island off of Alaska and the graceful death of a marksman's role model, a "David" returns home to find a friend of his is going to be a father

December 2006: Nate born

2014: Nate never hears from the family's friend David ever again

2018: The war economy of the last few decades collapses, leaving a new one to rise from the ashes and in need of soldiers, weapons, and vehicles of warfare

June 2024: Aaron and Nate meet while enlisting to the US Army

February 2025: Aaron takes up video and music making while he and Nate are promoted to fight in the US Army Rangers

March 2025: Aaron marries

April 2025: Nate marries

May 2025: Aaron and Nate's partners die, Aaron finds new relationship

June 2025: Nate finds new relationship, Aaron develops necromancy, time travel, and immortality

August 2025: Aaron and Nate, terrorist group targets them- group who Ren's great-grandfather was in

November 2025: Aaron and Nate, military service and separation after

December 2026: Aaron's partner disappears, Nate breaks up his relationship

January 2027: Nate mindlessly discovers links to David, which lead him to the grave of a one "Big Boss"

February 2027: Aaron gives up search by request

2050's: Moon and Mars colonization begins

March 2050's: Jacob born

December 2055: Simon born

February 2059: Aki born

November 2061: Ren born

July 2062: Kari born

June 2068: Jacob expelled from excessive violence towards foreign peers

December 2069: Jacob joins 50 Blessings

2070's: Colonization of Jupiter's moons begins as AI-androids become developed and mainstream

February 2070: Jacob starts to commit other crimes (theft and rape)

July 2074: Aki breaks, runs away

February 2075: Aki taken into Yakuza

October 2081: Kari joins police

November 2081: Ren kills mother, runs away

March 2082: Simon finds the Sentient Sketchpad

April 2082: Ren resides in ARK, Simon taken to SCP Foundation

May 2082: Kari transfered to GSG-9

April 2083: Aki betrayed by Yakuza boss, incarcerated

June 2083: Cassandra killed, Simon plots escape

September 2083: Simon escapes Site 19 (1st)

October 2083: Simon returns to Site 19 to steal SCP objects, is recontained

July 2084: Ren sent to America

December 2084: Simon escapes Site 19 again and is not recontained

March 2085: Kari attends major colab. concert, meets Scully

April 2085: Horzine ZED outbreak occurs

August 2085: Ren returns to Yokohama

September 2085: Aki sneaks out of prison

December 2085: Ren meets Nate in Japan, Ren steals some plasmid samples Aaron had


January 2086: Ren kills Nate, Nate revived by Aaron, Isha first appears to Ren

February 2086: Aki diminishes her Yakuza section and moves to California; Isha tries to connect to Aki and fails; Jacob kills Jodie

March 2086: Ren, Aki, and Jacob meet in Florida; Ren and Aki help Jacob's 50 Blessings work; Aki incarcerated and then broken out of prison by Jacob, Aki takes refuge in California

April 2086: Scully and the other Horzine operatives travel to France; Aki and Ren fly to Miami occasionally to Jacob

May 2086: Scully meets Ren as Horzine operative and brings Nate to France; Aki and Simon rejected by Bain

June 2086: Nate found by Kari, Kari brings Nate with her, Kari and Nate start relationship

July 2086: Nate and Kari find Scully and Ren, both pairs go separate ways after negotiations, both pairs return to their homes (Nate/Kari in Florida and Scully/Ren in Yokohama)

August 2086: Scully taken to Northern War in Ukraine; Nate caught by Aki, Ren, and Jacob and takes Kari to drive to California for refuge

September 2086: Aki joins with Alex and Ashton in heists and allows Nate to join in without Kari knowing

October 2086: Scully returns to Ren after all ZEDs have been eradicated by America and Russia, Aaron stops seeing Isha

November 2086: Aki, Ashton, Nate, and Alex offered part-time involvement into PAYDAY gang: only Aki accepts; Alex suspected as schizophrenic; Kari invited to new "Ex-European Operatives Division" for "Operation RVI: Seige"; Kari meets Aki, Ashton, and Alex during Thanksgiving

December 2086: Nate starts having Isha's hallucinations; Aki meets Aaron; Aaron, Alex, Nate reunite with old friend; Aki, Ashton, Kari, Simon, Ren, and Scully meet said friend; Aki breaks up with Ashton


January 2087: Nate told of everyone's death; Ashton, Aaron, Alex, and Mr. Nobody enter Team Rainbow (not for long at all) with Kari and Nate; Jacob is killed by Kari

February 2087: Ren reconnects with Nate; Alex and Aki rumors spread; Nate prevents potential crises; Europe being rebuilt and offers surviving citizens back; Simon reconnects with all and created Payday-gang mock with Nate and Aki

March 2087: EOD (Eavesdrop Observation Document) secret completely discovered; Asher meets with Aki; Asher offers PAYDAY Re-evolved "Murky Station" to then led to "Boiling Point"

April 2087: Nate, Aaron, Ren, Simon, and Kari meet in private; Simon assumes control of those in power; Kari controls Nate to lower hostility successfully

May 2087: Aaron attempts suicide and is objected by [REDACTED], Leila meets Ren and Aaron; Aki considers head of criminal corporation as gang leader

June 2087: Scully trains in marksmanship; Simon(?) travels incognito to Japan/Ren(?) takes a break to travel other places of Japan; Aaron again locks himself away in his home 

July 2087: Aki overthrows current city leader- becomes president of now-proclaimed city-state which she, Ashton, Alex, Nate, and Kari live in; From 7/19 to 7/29- Aki, Nate, Alex, and Asher attempted and completed the Ozaki 8, ARX-160 Prototype Challenge launched

August 2087: Ex-Presidents Corp. launches as monopoly, Aki gains new associates other than typical three; Kari captured by enemy in latest RVI Op. (involved: Kari, Nate, Aaron), Aaron captured by enemy in Kari rescue mission, Aaron and Kari rescued days later

September 2087: Mars colonization postponed by demons and Labs is flown to secure, Scully first to head back to England safely, Kari moves back to Bonn maybe report for GSG-9 duty under ignorance of BOPE involvement without Nate; Ren and Kari make friends with Ashton and Alex, Leila moves to Ireland

October 2087: Aki brings upon reform and order; Ren travels to Europe/Arabia 1918; Aki learns about The Grid; Grace from JTF-2 joins(?) Aaron; Ren converts to Buddhism and builds a complete resistance to distractions

November 2087: Ren returns once accidentally in MG-08/15 Sentry Kit; Ren and Aki meet first time in over a year; Aaron and all welcome Japanese SAT, New CTU plans to take down Mirai Kuni in speculation; Kari and Nate meet again

December 2087: Labs returns, Ren takes vengeance, Simon takes vengeance against advice, Aki's got a plan


January 2088: Ren and Labs end Aki's plan, Simon's absence cause loss of influence; Ren exploration in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

February 2088: Kari becomes Special Agent in espionage

March 2088: Tyler to find interest in Ren, Aki and Ashton set to wed

April 2088: Kari set to be discharged from GSG-9 but luckily isn't, Tyler nearly court marshaled out of Marines; Kari tries to move back to Leipzig but is emotionally compelled not to

May 2088: Nate takes Kari into the Great War when Ren doesn't, Kari "supposedly" with Tyler taken into the Vietnam War

June 2088: Aki and Ashton married; intolerance and impatience grows within everyone to each other; Aki meets a hidden idol

July 2088: Ren pushes past Chernobyl to supposed "Metro" life in Moscow and first fails before a success; distanced and time travel use details more ambiguous

August 2088: Ren somehow finds a way to start to "like" Tyler; Aki revealed on Ren, Kari, Aaron's driving ability; worlds destined to unravel and separate. We'll make it, come on! Wheel power and, never stop and never surrender!

September 2088: Nate and Ren discuss the intriguing time loops and inadvertently make "The Cycle Continue", Ashton the first to uncover occult links of history repeating itself

October 2088: Ren uncovers links of Nate and someone he knew to "Metal Gear", Aaron also tied by action and not affiliation, Ren travels to a key point to turn a "Snake" into scapegoat/surrogate

2127: Argent Tower construction on Mars completed

2136: Advanced Research Complex construction on Mars completed

2145: Project Lazarus' Manned Expedition uncovers the "Doomslayer" (with old-tech weapons, i.e. M249 SAW, 1216, and 2006m) in the Kadingr Sanctum

October 2149: Labs wakes up killing demons once again but without the alias of Mr. Nobody

2600's/2700's: Two Hunters begin their quests as Guardians, then two years later a new quest begins with the introduction of "Katya"; Katya later has three new friends as Titans and one as a Hunter

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