A sniper powerful as it is very expensive

The legendary SR passively inherited by The Anger from her father, whom it originally belonged to.  He had only allowed her to fire it once before his death, to which (unknown to Ren) he had wanted her to take his weapons and own them to carry on his legacy.  This fine sniper rifle has some added modifications that she added herself, but most all were added by "Uso" prior to his death.

Weapon Modifications

  • Despite being chambered in .388 Lapua, the stopping power is much more overwhelming than expected due to muzzle adjustments
  • A visor is added on the front of the scope to keep the sun from reflecting off of the front lens, making aiming easier
  • The magazine size is 6, but usually loaded with 5 to decrease tension on the magazine's spring
  • A ballistic's central processing unit (CPU) has replaced most of the role of a spotter to the user, to make independant sharpshooting easier.  This processor measures the bullet drop, wind speed, and hit delay
  • A thin, round cushion has been glued to the edges of the back of the scope to reduce skin irritation around the eye when aiming

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