VOAU album cover from Savant's ISM design (2015)

This is Void of All Unhappiness.  The picture on the right is another Savant album cover after his ISM album (but somehow I forgot Jacob).  This page is the explanation of all general knowledge of VOAU.

What is VOAU?

Void Of All Unhappiness is the name given to the world of which the characters listed on the site all live within.  This world takes place in the year 2086 (as of 2015, 2016 will be 2087), and is made up of my personal creation, but over time has been added with the plots of Killing Floor, PAYDAY, Brink, Hotline Miami, CoD Zombies (Aaron only), Bioshock (Ren only), and the SCP Foundation.  Although that is quite the list, there are more game and, most likely, there are going to be even more. These game's stories work with (in the same order as the list above) the characters of Scully, Aki and Wolf, The Anger, Jacob, and Simon.  All stories all tie in together by using the other characters not in the above list to connect them, and create their own story.  The finished project of the ARK, the ZED-torn Europe, reinvigoration of the 50 Blessings, and memories of the PAYDAY gang all together make up the world.  Although the current year may be 2086, the continuation of time has been torn slightly, like an overused vinyl record, between the years 2015 and 2086 due to Aaron and Nate's involvement in outlasting death by stretching their time alive, along with the invulnerability.

How did VOAU start?

Originally, VOAU was the acronym of a Minecraft save I had from 2013.  This was a world that I had anticipated to use as a local multiplayer save, but eventually the game crashed due to lack off sufficient RAM and I lost the save forever.  The world was originally Aaron's creation, but was then changed to being Ren's creation.  I took the characters I put together and created one world where they all could connect together in their own stories, like the characters in the game Heavy Rain.  The exception being that the world was forged out of the video games they partially (or completly) connect to.  The idea is forged similar to present day with the scientific and technological advancements, zeitgeist, and international conflict.  This is controversial, but makes it easier to forge the story in your own time period, one can notice how novels, movies, and games portray the future as if [people] have made great progress in the areas listed above.

How did I make up these characters?

Everytime I play a game I thoroughly enjoy (i.e. Hotline Miami for Jacob and Isha) I find that I would like to draw some character from the game.  For every character, their inspiration came from many games and outside influence rather than just one game.  After enjoying the story of the game, I personally like to add to such a story with a character I create.  As of mid 2015, I have added my characters to the game instead of the inspiring character creation.  More recently, adding Aki to Grand Theft Auto V.  Isha was originally a mirage character to Ren, just like Richard was to Jacket.  After some reevaluation, she was then turned into a Japanese urban legend which approaches a regretful person in terms of something they shouldn't have done.  Some, like Kari, were made up from random.

Who makes up VOAU?

Great question, you may find out here!