The incident of remininicense

386 [RK] [AY] and [J]

[J] is about drunk and is speaking at patrons

[J]: The land of the free, the land of the fuh...

[J] walks and sits in the stool next to [RK]

[J]: You know what sucks?

about 3 seconds pass

[J]: Everything!

[RK]: sigh Yeah, I feel you.

[J]: And people gotta deal with it themselves.

[RK]: Then celebrate by drinking more, right?

[J]: I just do it cause I can, girl.

[RK]: Except that girl over there, she just sits there and smokes sometimes.

[J]: Yeah, what the fuck is wroooooong with her?

[AY] begins to walk over to the stool next to [J] and sits down in it

[AY]: A lot, excuse you.

[J]: Phoo hoo hoo!  Hot shit, aren't ya?

[RK]: I hate this place, I need another drink.

[J]: Maybe...maybe I don't.  I'm gooood.

[AY]: Yeah, I agree.  You smell the part too.

[J]: Yeah, I...yep.

[AY]: You say you deal with your own problems, you must be well off.

[RK]: Yeah, you did say that.  You sound very responsible for a drunk man.

[J]: Shhhh...hush.  If you guys wanna know, come outside and I can tell ya.

[AY]: There's no way he can take on both of us.

[RK]: Well, we have to know!  We're far into it now, hah!

All walk outside and gather around [J] near his truck, as if he is a child with a secret

[J]: Ok ok ok, I know you two are killers, you're Anger and you're that yakuza girl.  The news likes to antagonize you girls.

[AY]: Ayame, if you were to ever remember a name to call me.

[RK]: Not to pry, but it's The Anger.

[J]: You get my point, shit, ok. ever heard of some organization that goes around and kills Russians?

[RK]: Yeah, and that rooster man 100 years ago.

[J]: Jacket, we call him.

[AY]: By saying "we" I assume you're in that organization.

[J]: Right, yeah.  It's called the 50 Blessings, and obviously I'm in it.

[RK]: So what are you, which bird?

[J]: Well, it's just animals.  We're all animals.  So, I have some personal guidelines.

[AY]: What, "Bros before hoes"?

[J]: One: if you're caught, I can't promise anything.  And two: if you're killed, I never existed.

[AY]: I'm trying to get into some other robbery business, so it'll be like having a part-time job!

[RK]: I guess I'm just hired gun, if you put it like that.

[J]: Hush, hush.  No need to boast, people are listening!

[AY]: Uhh, man, there's no one around us outside at all.  They're all in the bar.

[RK]: He's right, we should keep quiet.

[J]: So, do you accept?

Both agree nonchalantly and [J] starts to smile

[J]: I will forward the calls to you two too, unless we should just wait there at the phone at my place.  I seem to only get calls in the evening.

[RK]: It would make transportation and timing easier.

[AY]: Well, we can't always do this.  I live out in the west coast, and you live in Japan still.

[RK]: Good point.  We'll have to plan these out and go on sprees at a time.

[J]: Alright, so it's official.

[AY]: Let's go on that, and also let's go home.

[J]: At least stay around tomorrow to try it out, and come up with some masks.  I can't get them shipped here in time.

All walk to their separate vehicles and drive their ways

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