Wolf Pack

Tough and thoughtless, Wolf is not burdened by remorse and simply wants to be absolutely rich

(This page is of a character that actually exists and is limited to the knowledge and involvement in VOAU only, and not the general knowledge because it cannot be falsified)

Involvement in VOAU

Wolf is a rutheless and greedy psychopath in the PAYDAY gang of, managed by Bain.  Simon and Aki both knew him as he seemed to believe they had been logical new members to the team.  Unlike Hoxton, Chains, and Dallas, Wolf could not gain the privelage of having his own new additions to the team, and they were rejected.  This, ironically, is how Simon and Aki came to meet.

Dr. Mr. Fantastic Sir, you nailed it!

Side Info

Preferred Weapons: Bofors AK-5, IWI Jericho 941, Ithaca M37 "Homeland Security", EX-41 "China Lake", Nailgun

Personal Song: The Mark (Simon Viklund)

[Personal Song]

Personal Song-145659794006:40

Personal Song-1456597940

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